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Hi Ladies....I have a budget of $10K for my entire wedding.  I would like to spend $5k on the ceremony and reception(including food and drinks) but every place i have called is quoting $10k of more.  Have you found any venues that include food under 5k?  Im interested in the pasadena area but willing to go as far as long beach (405) and thousand oaks (101)....Please help me if you can.  My guest count is 120.

Thanks Ladies

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    Have you tried the rococo room? it's very small but cute
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    You might want to try Happy Trails in Pasadena.  I haven't been there, but when I was looking for possibilities in Pasadena, they seemed really reasonably priced.
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    I contacted Happy Trails. It is beautiful for sure! I was quoted $3000 to use the garden all day (which is nice) and about $120 average per guest for food up to 200 people. I don't know if there is a way to get the cost down a little but at that price it is definitely over the $5000 you want to spend on the reception. Worth checking into though in case they have more options. Good luck!

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    Thank you Ladies...I will contact Happy trails and see if we can get the cost down some.  I also found Almansor Court and its very pretty and the prices werent bad in regards to only ordering appetizers vs the formal sit down dinner. Thanks

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    I also looked into Happy Trails but was also quoted at least $100 per person plus the 3K fee. That was too much for me!

    You could also look into booking your venue and food separately to keep costs down. The Neighborhood Church in Pasadena is very reasonably priced to just rent the space, which is beautiful, and you can bring whatever food you want. The Pasadena Parks system has some very nice spaces to rent, or you could also look into Lacy Park in San Marino, which is beautiful, too.

    If you go this route, you might look into Simply Elegant Catering in South Pasadena. I checked them out and they seemed very good and also very reasonably priced. I didn't end up going with them for logistical reasons but they were recommended to me by a few different vendors/people.

    Oh and you might look into Calamigos Equestrian in Burbank. The prices I saw were only for a dinner reception, but they were quite reasonable and all-inclusive, so you might check that out and ask them if they do cocktail receptions.

    Hope this helps! I scoured the Pasadena area looking for inexpensive places!
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    I am a Pasadena native and planned a bunch of weddings in the area over the years.  I have 68 guests (invited) at my wedding and will probably spend around $14,000 on my entire wedding including attire, rings and a $5,000 honeymoon.  Granted, I have been able to leverage some good vendor relationships to make this budget work, or I would probably spend about $20,000 on the same wedding.  All that said, there are some places that you can make it work on a small budget.   

    Try the Bissell House in South Pasadena. Its a bed and breakfast right on Orange Grove and Columbia Avenue.  They have lovely grounds and have very reasonable prices for catering.  I think they do small weddings 100 people or less, but the property is lovely.  I am taking my pre-ceremony pictures there since I am staying there the night before my wedding.

    My wedding is at La Casita Del Arroyo. It is owned by the Pasadena Parks department, but the permit was $1500 for an 8 hour rental period and I can serve beer and wine in the venue.  There is a kitchen on site.  Only down side is all of your vendors have to provide liability insurance riders to the City. Its not the worse thing in the world, but just another thing you have to facilitate happening.  This place is small, so not ideal for weddings over 80 people.  

    Farnsworth Park also has a venue that is lovely.  LA County Parks would be able to book the reservation for you.  They are about the same price, but the venue has a capacity of 200 people seated for dinner.  There is a stage and a really cute amphitheater where you can have your ceremony. Kitchen is included in the rental.  They also have fewer insurance requirements than the City of Pasadena. 

    Noor at Paseo Pasadena may also work for your budget. It has only been open for about 9 months, but it is gorgeous.  Ask them about customizing a menu for you in order to give you more options. I think they have 2 ballrooms, one that holds 120 max and the other 250 max.  

    Hope this helps.  PM me if you need more options.  
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    Thank you mikimoto6, I will look into these places.  I also forgot that Farnsworth park has a club room to use.  I truly appreciate your help.
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    Farnsworth has been renovated recently and the lighting has been upgraded.  It is a great deal for space that allows you to bring your own food. 
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    hello my name is cynthia. check out we have a great mansion house where we hold weddings. Its located in northridge, CA. check out the website
  • awesome bring own caterer not to far from pasadena
  • I am in the same boat - Pasadena area with a $10K budget.  I would like to find somewhere that I wouldn't have to find an outside caterer.  Just wanted to get an update on the original post. Thanks!
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