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Where did you or are you planning on going for your honeymoon? 
For those of you who are married, what was the best part? Any recommendations?

Re: Honeymoon?

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    We went to Maui for a week.  His parents were very generous and gifted us their timeshare.  It was beautiful.  There was something to do everyday and if we didn't feel like doing anything at all we just laid on the beach.  I highly recommend Maui.
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    We are planning on going to Kauai for a few days then going on a yoga retreat on the big island followed by a return trip to California to spend another week in a lodge in Big Sur. 

    We really wanted to go to Portugal, but it is just too expensive. 
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    I think most people do a tropical island.  I am more of a woodlands time of girl.  I would like to go to Colorado or Wyoming.  We will see. :)
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    My fiance's first choice for a honeymoon was somewhere in the mountains. But we're doing a destination wedding and honeymoon in Maui.  I just didn't think it would be easy to plan a winter wedding in Yellowstone with half the park closed.
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    We went to Maui for a week, too, and it was perfect. Just the right mix of things to do but also beautiful beaches to relax on when we didn't feel like adventure. I wouldn't change a single thing about our trip!
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    Planning to go to Tahiti... my dream honeymoon!  
    We are eying the Sofitel Motu Bora Bora which is on a small island south of Bora Bora... 
    I'm so excited just thinking about it!
  • Mellie35Mellie35 member
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    We wanted to do something adventurous, so we did a self-drive tour through Ireland. It was so amazing  and beautiful. We had a blast and cannot wait to go back. It was awesome to spend time in the countryside and we also had a taste of city life in Dublin.
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    We're more culture and adventure people than beach/relaxing people. We also spent most of our budget on the wedding, so we wanted a more low-key honeymoon. Paris was our first choice, but it would have been too expensive and too chilly in the fall. So we went to Napa. It was great, because we got to drive and bring back about a case of wine with us. We also splurged on a b&b with a private hot tub and a really nice dinner at Cyrus.
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  • kaylarbudkekaylarbudke member
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    We decided to honeymoon in Ireland. We are getting married Oct 29th 2011 so we'll end up honeymooning in november (irelands wet season). But ireland is somewhere we have both always wanted to go and we figure if we dont go now we may never be able to go again because of the cost. We thought tropical would be alot easier to do with kids when we have them so we are trying to take advantage of the ease of traveling just the two of us. We are doing a castle and manor trip for 9 days.
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  • RoMy215RoMy215 member
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    We talked to a travel agent who gave us information for Key West, Napa, and Oahu & Maui. After doing some research, we're in the majority and will be spending a week in Maui. Neither of us has ever been to Hawaii, so we're really looking forward to it. We used miles for the air and the hotel is a little pricey, but not terrible. And it's a condo.Some days I count down to the honeymoon (instead of the wedding).
    Crnota...that's EXACTLY what I'm looking forward to (the right mix of adventure and relaxation).

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    We are spending most of our budget on the ceremony and reception and forgot to leave much for our honeymoon :(  We decided that a quiet week alone anywhere was great for us, but stumbled upon an offer to sit through a timeshare meeting (grumble now). Turns out it wasn't that bad and we scored a free cruise to the Bahamas. Granted, we have to pay for airfare, taxes, etc. it's still saving us quite a bit of money and we're getting a great honeymoon that we had all but given up on! Don't know if this helps, but I thought I'd share and wish you luck!
  • FutureMrsJTFutureMrsJT member
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    We're still trying to figure that out...  At first FI was thining Hawai'i, but I grew up there, so I'd rather go someplace that is new and exciting for both of us.  I'll show him Hawai'i at my high school reunion! :-P
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