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Backyard Reception

We're on a very tight budget for our wedding ($5000 or less for the reception/food). Luckily we can get our alcohol at cost, our friend will dj, and another will do the photos. We plan on finding a lovely bluff for the ceremony but I am going crazy trying to find an affordable reception location. I don't want a banquet hall. I am thinking I would like the overall theme to be an elegant backyard dinner party in which I can DIY the decor. Unfortunately, no one on either side of our families own homes or have backyards that are large enough to accommodate 75 people. Does anyone have any ideas for locations that might fit the bill? I've heard that there are people who will rent out their backyards for occasions like this, anyone know of anything like that? Also willing to consider small cozy restaurants with romantic outdoor area. Looking for either Orange County or San Pedro, Palos Verdes, Malibu, Zuma Beach area.
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