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Long Beach Brides - OOT bags???

Hi All! It's been forever since I've posted, but I am a bit stumped and could use your advice.

FH and I would like to make some OOT bags for our traveling guests that include some things specific to the Long Beach area.  I have lived in Long Beach for a few years now, and other than Queen Mary paraphernalia I can't think of anything area specific that we could incorporate into these bags, especially snack wise.

I was wondering if any of you had some ideas?


Re: Long Beach Brides - OOT bags???

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    jagore08jagore08 member
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    Is there a local bakery that you guys like to go to?  Maybe include some cookies or something like that from there.
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    MegrooksMegrooks member
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    We have more favorite restaurants (especially Mexican!) then a bakery or store...We may have to get a little less literal... I don't think I can put a burrito in everyone's bag =)
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    You could try going down to the Pike and see if there are "souvenir" shops. There's got to be some cheesy I <3 LB shirts or something like that. There's also the aquarium out there. Maybe some cheap sunglasses since it's "the beach." I went to CSULB and the pyramid was a BIG deal, so maybe something showing that, I know the school bookstore sells keychains and stuff. Just depends how detailed the bags will get and how much you plan to spend on them. Hopefully that helps. :D
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    I had some personalized water bottles labels made with our initials, date and location.  

    They came in very handy- we saw our guests drinking from our water bottles the next morning J



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    We can help! Check us out at
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    I am getting married in Long Beach  at the Reef.. your idea is sooo cute!!!!

    I say go with something about the beach or boats.. like nautical theme for the bags?

    I agree with the Pike or Pine Street for some souvenir stuff!
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