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Since Jagore is busy finishing up her nursing degree...   (We miss you!)

I thought I would throw a QOTD out there.

Since most of the scripted shows have ended for the season, which show was your favorite season finale?


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    Vampire Diaries. I can't believe I admitted that outloud.
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    I don't watch a ton of scripted TV lately, but I've been catching up on some recorded stuff over the last couple of days. The finale of Desperate Housewives has me all 0_o and already jonesing for the next season to start!
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    I'm with Nicole.  Desperate Housewives was good.  I also liked Brothers and Sisters and am sad that it was cancelled.  

    Thanks for taking over for me nikojamm.  I just finished a test today and start finals next week.  Man, I can't wait to finish.
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    I tried responding yesterday, but I couldn't from work.  Yay Jagore!  So excited for you!

    Yea, DH was a good finale!  Castle was awesome too! Bummed Grey's wasn't as good as I hoped!
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    Yea Grey's was just Ok. I am watching Oprah right now! Although not scripted but still a huge finale!
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