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Signature Wedding Video in irvine

Has anyone ever tried to use this company? if so do you have a contact number for Dean Abramowitz. i was going to use him and then i read the reviews and ive been trying to email him to let him know that i changed my wedding and that i will no longer be needing his services and he wont return my emails. thanks for all your help ladies.

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Re: Signature Wedding Video in irvine

  • I'm curious if anyone has used Signature Wedding Videos company. They are based out of Irvine ca. Im in the process of searching and would like some input.
  • Hello,

    I want to warn anyone who is thinking of hiring this company.  I hired this company to video tape my wedding on 7-27-12.  Top date not only have I not received any of my videos, but no one will return my calls or emails.  It's almost like they have dropped off the face of the earth.  Just like any of my other wedding vendors, I paid them $1125.00 in full prior to our wedding.  I hired them for 5 hours and was suppose to get a highlight and extended video.   I dealt with Trevor Cowan, who was very attentive until after my wedding.  I call and email everyday and never get a response from anyone.  When you  call the company all you get it peoples voicemails.  You can't believe the stress this company has cause my husband and I.  I can't fathom how a company can pull just a scam on people, take their money and run.  But the worst, the memories they have stole from us.  I'll never see the my wedding video and Trevor Cowan and the owner Dean Abramowitz could care less.  It's all a scam!!   We are now in the process of hiring an attorney  to sue this company.   It's pretty pathetic how this company operates.  But I want to spread the word so they can't SCAM anyone else.   Check out the reviews for the owner of the company.  Horrible!!!  Shame on you!!!!! 

  • We hired them also for our wedding 6-30-12 and like the above client have not heard a word since. We paid in full on our wedding day and were also promised a highlight film and extended film. This is the only company where you call and it goes straight to voicemail. One would think they'd be answering every single call to get business but in stead they wait for your voicemail and call you back and get payment and that;s the last you hear from them. I would like to inquire about suing this company as they continue to get away with scamming people. It makes sense to me get what you pay for. There's a reason they are half the cost of every other videographer. They aren't a real cpmpany!!
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