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Needing some encouragement

As a DIY bride I know I have taken on alot of work. How do you keep positive with a bunch of things piled up upon it.

Re: Needing some encouragement

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    You think, my wedding is in THREE WEEKS... I can do this!!!
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    I must agree with Jagore on this one....
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    You just gotta do one thing at a time.  Take a day to do all the small things that can get done quickly so your to-do list gets shorter.  Delegate what you can to all those people who ask "can i help you with anything?"  And then, get done the stuff that HAS to get done.  If there's something that doesn't NEED to get done, leave it for the end (for me it was "reserved" signs.  my DOC just wrote some out on paper and they worked just fine.).
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    You are so lucky you'll finally marry your man of your dream in 21 days! After that no more DIY projects! Don't give up...

    One of my great mentors told me that in her culture the bride will make 999 PERFECT oragami swans that wil be evaluated by the MIL... and the Fi will make the last one to make the count 1,000. It teaches the bride to be paitent.. and if she can succeed they will have 1,000 years of happiness together!  
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    Lady!! You are getting very close. Dont panic... atleast try not to =0)
    Make a list of all the things you still need to buy/do, and see who can help you out with what. If people have offered to help, now is the time to take that in mind. If that is not the case, dont worry, one thing at a time, and take what needs to be Priority & what can wait or you can go without... Good Luck.. Dont stress:: You can do it.
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    You may also want to reevaluate all of the things that you had originally wanted to do (when you had all of the time in the world), and let some things go.  That's what I've had to do.  There are only so many hours in a day and some details are much more important than others.  GL!
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