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DIY-ers, yes on fashion district!

I'm so excited! I checked out the flower mart and fabric stores at the fashion district.  The prices for the flowers are very reasonable, the vendors are very friendly and helpful.   Also, the fabrics are soooo cheap!  I got yards and yards of organza for decoration which are normally $6/yd at fabric outlets and they had it for as low as 89 cents/yd.   Definitely worth checking out. 

Re: DIY-ers, yes on fashion district!

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    fashion district was defenitely one of my favorite spots to go to when I was wedding planning. they have many deals and if you are crafty it's worth it. i also recommend checking it out.
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    Can someone tell me where these famous places are and some kind of guideline?  when do you go?  How do you find them?  Anything I need to know?
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    Don't forget the jewelry district for rings!
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    Where did you go for your fabric? I'm looking for striped fabric and haven't found anything less than $6/yd - that adds up quickly!!

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can haggle with these ppl in the fashion district.  I went there with my FBIL a few weeks ago after his FIDM open house and he got down to $2/yd.  Talk them down, but always carry singles!  Don't whip out a $20 after you asked them if they would settle for $2/yd.
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  • I purchased almost everything for my wedding from Downtown LA- including my rings.

    Don’t get frustrated- first look around, take notes, compare prices, take pictures, use only cash and negotiate and plan on taking a couple trips out there. I don’t even remember how many times I went. But it was well worth it!


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    Try Michael Levine in Downtown L.A. I am having copy of an Oscar DLR dress made and my dressmaker recommended this place. I found my ivory silk dupioni on clearance for $5.00 a yard! At Joann's it was $27.00 a yard! I also bought two yards of pearl and swavorski beading for $50.00.
    If you go to DTLA for flowers, rings, fabric..take ONLY cash as they are more apt to haggle with you when you flash green and not plastic, plus few of the parking attendants take plastic (found that out the hard way and had to haggle my parking down $2.00 because I was short). LOL!
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