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PLEASE READ before you use Goes Photography!!! :(

I had the opposite experience with Derek at Goes photography. I went with Goes Photography because of the glowing remarks and a referral from a LA wedding coordinator. A huge disappointment! I am sharing my comments so another bride does not share the same fate and frustration. 

After he received our full payment of the event, we heard reservations in his voice. He was a no show for the wedding. I had to call him to hear the news.  He did send a substitute photographer, but it was not the expectation we had booked.

We waited 5 months for our wedding album. There was no urgency and much blame on the studio he sends out to develop his pictures (he does not develop his own photos), and many more excuses. After I called him after 5 months, he sent me e-mail to inform me that if I wanted my wedding book without another delay had studio sample inside the cover. I communicated this is a book I want to treasure and did not want a book with a stamp with studio sample in it. I received our wedding book in the wrong color (black). The book had all the images on a few pages.  Derek has chosen not to respond to our phone calls, e-mails or certified mail. 

His contract states there will be a 20% reimbursement of our total package as compensation if he did not shoot the event and sends a substitute photographer we have not received the compensation or the extra photo promised for the delay. Derek has taken the road to ignore our requests. 

Derek is totally lacking in word, commitment, and integrity.  I cannot recommend this photographer in good heart. 

Re: PLEASE READ before you use Goes Photography!!! :(

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    I'm so sorry, that's absolutely awful.
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    can't you take him to court??? If the contract states it he has to do it. I think you should call/ e-mail him again leave him a message asking him to return your call or else this matter will have to be taken to the court.

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    I sent him a certified letter and emails and he has chosen to ignore them. I am posting, because I do not want another bride to has the same horrible fate. Thanks for your post.:)
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