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Outdoor tented February wedding/reception

Hello, I am planning to have my wedding in February in LA. I am from Wisconsin and I am not familair with the LA waether. Does anyone think this is a bad idea?

Re: Outdoor tented February wedding/reception

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    In my opinion February is too cold to have an outdoor wedding. My cousin got married last March and we were outdoors for the pictures only and it was freezing by our standards.  Being from Wisconsin you'd probably think we're wimps but to locals it is cold.  I would definitely choose an indoor venue.
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    Thanks for your opinion. I appreciate it.
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    February could be a tricky month, it sort a unpredictable.


    If it fully tented with the back up option of heaters, you should be ok.


    I’m just not a huge fan of out door weddings. My now husband, only wanted an outdoor wedding -so I gave in…. and guess what??


     It not only rained in Las Vegas, in October, it stormed- 3 hours before the ceremony was scheduled to start!


    Thankfully we had a back up plan.  Just in case, have a back up plan. I can’t stress that enough.


    Congratulations and Good Luck!


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    Tanya, a tent and the lamp heaters are in the plans. I am hoping it works out...Thanks!
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    I'm sorry to be contrary, but I have to say that LA weather can be so unpredicatable. II got married this last January and the weekend we had our wedding (the 22nd) could not have been more perfect. It may just have been because it was my wedding, but even when we left sometime after 11pm (I don't remember LOL!!) it was really comfortable --and we were right by the beach. I remember not needing the shawl I'd purchased when we were leaving. 
    The 2 weekends before that were ridiculously HOT. 
    As long as you have a back-up plan and/or a tent and heat lamps as you have planned, I think you'll be fine. 

    Good luck and congratulations!!!! 

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    During the day it will probably be beautiful but during the evening it can get pretty cold, especially for women in dresses.  A tent and heaters will probably work fine, though.
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    I'd definitely rent heaters. I'd also have a back up venue - even though it doesn't rain much, it's more likely to rain here between October and March than during the summer months. Even with a tent, I wouldn't want to be at an outdoor wedding in the rain.

    However, I think if you have a day time wedding you'll likely have good results. (Again, unless it rains.)
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