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Are you planning on watching the royal wedding?  
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    I'm recording it since it's on at 4am.  One of my friends is coming over and we're watching it together (she's my tv buddy for all chick flick things).  I really want to see what Kate is going to wear.
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    Funny thing you bring this up...I was actually talking about this with my boss yesterday if we should stay in and watch it...she happily said I'll bring the popcorn! I said ABSOLUTELY  NOT...we have to be proper about this its a royal wedding, so we'll be having tea, scones, spotted dict (its spelled with a K but TK wouldn't let me submit), and cucumber sandwiches with NO crust!

    She was actually pretty amazed I knew lol

    Its really up to her if I'll be watching it...I would love to see how it a turns out though 
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    Yes, but NOT live. That's what DVR is for.
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    Definitely going to record it. Then probably have a girls' night to watch it.
  • BrideCa2011BrideCa2011 member
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    YES YES YES.  I might even get up :) 
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