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Wedding Planning Science Fair Project

Hi everyone, 
my name is Sydney and I am currently conducting a science experiment for my school. The topic I am focusing on is whether or not couples who invest in a wedding celebration that costs beyond the average budget, are more inclined to hire a wedding planner who has a degree in business. If you can, can you comment with your name (or your username), the budget of your wedding, the age of you and your fiance, your race, your wedding planner (if you have one), whether or not you know they have a business degree, and some sort of contact information for you planner. I need around 50 people to comment to fulfill my project. And if you can, please spread the word to other brides as well. Please help me get an A in my class! :D 
Thank you very much!!!!!!

*NOTE* No one is required to answer this discussion. If you don't mind answering specific questions, please help :)
Also, if you feel your answers are too personal to share out publicly, you can email me at my science fair email at[email protected]

**NOTE**If you feel offended by this discussion, I apologize. It is in no way posted to offend/insult anyone. I just want to get my science fair project done D:
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