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I hate my venue "coordinator" (Vent)

Maybe hate is a strong word, but ever since my original contact at the venue got laid off and this guy has taken over, I have not been contacted ONCE by him to check on anything and I'm just over two weeks away!  I had to re-do my tasting after he couldn't find the notes from the original tasting, and a few hours ago, he sent my DOC an email asking if she knows what we picked because he can't find it in his notes.


Then he goes and tells DOC that we're supposed to be out of there by 11pm, when the contract clearly states midnight - and he sends this ridiculously long insurance request form for the vendors - there's only TWO WEEKS LEFT!?  What if one of my vendors doesn't have insurance?  How am I supposed to find one to replace them at this date - and with deposits already paid?  

He blows.  I'm glad my DOC is also my best friend because she's taking care of all of it so I don't have to worry about it - but believe me his tip envelope is gonna be LIGHT on March 13th!

Re: I hate my venue "coordinator" (Vent)

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    WTF is right!  That is soooo annoying.  If I were you I would buddy up with his assistant or someone else that you can trust there.  Clearly he doesn't have your wedding as his priority but hopefully another staff member can take it under thier wing and make sure it goes off without a problem.  Thats what I had to do at my venue.  I made the assistant my new best pal :) Thank goodness you have a DOC, right?  Don't stress, it's so close and I'm sure your vendors want the business so they wont have a problem filling out last minute forms. 

    I went through the same thing as you, my wedding coordinator at my venue go laid off this past January.  I had a cow and the guy who took her place is a moron.  The first time I met him he seemed very careless about my wedding.  I asked him if he had ever been married to see if he could relate to the stress that I was feeling with him.  His answer was that" yeah, I'm getting married on Valentines Day of this year but my fiance is doing the wedding planning bc weddings arent my thing" !!!!!!!  Oh great, and he's in charge of mine!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhh I feel your pain Phiaska!

    Luckily, I contacted the old wedding coordinator who got laid off (her and I had grown close through the planning process) and I hired her has my DOC.  She was so happy to still be a part of my wedding that she is charging me $1!  Yep, as in One US Dollar!  Yay

    Don't stress, it will all work out and it sounds like you have a lot of support!
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    Wow, that's awesome you got her as your DOC because she totally knows the ropes at the venue!  Brilliant!

    I tracked mine down on Facebook and sent her an email today telling her how much she is sorely missed.  Then I invited her to attend as a guest!

    I became a member of the club where we're getting married, so when this thing is over I still have to deal w/ this guy if I ever want to plan any special events there.  I need to talk to someone about him, but I don't want him to sabotage the wedding.
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    Don't be too consumed by it hun.  You have too many beautiful things to look forward to :)
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    yeah, I wouldn't piss him off before the wedding.  I'd notify someone of your concerns so that they can look out for you though.  Or even try having a heart to heart with him.  Say "i'm very concerned with these last minute requirements and I'm starting to feel like I should be concerned about my event, please assure me that all of these details will be handled asap and in a responsible and professional manner"  all with a sweet smile on your face.  :)  Inside your head you can be shooting daggers at him!
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