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Bridal Showers

Do I need to get gifts for the hosts of my bridal showers?  If so, do you have any gift suggestions? TIA!

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  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    You don't have to but it would be a nice gesture.  Maybe get them a nice bottle of wine, gift certificate for a mani or pedi, or maybe a gift card to their favorite restaurant.
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  • nikojammnikojamm member
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    Yeah, I completely agree with jagore.  Not a requirement, but it's nice to do.  I got 1 their fav bottle of champagne and the other a good bottle of vodka.  GL
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    I think it is a nice gesture.  I was thinking some lotions or something little.
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    When I threw them, I've gotten:  gift card for massage, beautiful silver picture frame and one of those scented reed diffusers.

    For my shower, I gave:  gift cards for a spa and a flowering tea set.  I also gave a whole smoked salmon (one of FI's specialties) to a friend of my moms that helped her out a lot even though she wasn't listed as "host." and I got little flowering plants from the 99cent store for everyone who contributed in any way to the meal by bringing their own dish.
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    That was so sweet Phiaska.

    Yeah nice gesture, a little something :D
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    You ladies are a huge help!  Thank you

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    Personalizing something is alway a meaningful gesture :)

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