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Do you know anything about this photographer?

Her name is Jenny Trent and I saw an ad with a link to her website on craigslist. I think she's starting out because it looked like she'd done some weddings, but not a ton, and she has low pricing. for $500 she'll give me 3 to 4 hours and then a cd with all the shots and a dvd with 75 of the shots edited. Has anyone heard of her? If not, do you have any ideas of questions i should ask when I meet with her? or basically, what should my requirements be? I'm a budget bride and definitely looking for someone newer at a lower price. Thanks!

Re: Do you know anything about this photographer?

  • jilly884jilly884 member
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    Well since this sounds like someone that is just starting out, just know that the quality will be a bit amature.  I would just ask to see their work (even if it is not weddings) like portraits or get togethers.  If you are ok with only having a few really good shots of your wedding then I would say go for it, but if you are expecting a ton of great shots, I just don't know. 

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    I agree with previous post.  As long as you are happy with her work and what she has to offer but I also want to caution you that with new photographers you take the risk of not getting the highest quality or possible issues with getting exactly what she agreed too.  Make sure you have a contract that details exactly what is included and all her necessary information just in case. I had a friend who used a photographer who was just starting out and what she showed her and promised was not what she got and my friend only got a few decent pictures and was devastated.  Since there is no real history with her it will be hard to tell, maybe ask for references from previous clients.  Good Luck!
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    I'm using a friend of a friend who is a photographer, who is switching from doing only headshot photography to weddings. She is charging me about the same ($600). I am a bit nervous as well, so I am having her shoot our engagement photos first, then once we see how those turn out we are going to decide if we feel comfortable having her shoot our wedding.

    You may want to consider doing something similar.
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    I have to agree with everybody else, if you are ok with know she's just starting out go for it, everybody has to start somewhere.
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    Everyone has to start out somewhere and since you are on a budget I think it sounds like a great compromise. Just make sure you meet with her and she knows what your vision for the wedding is. Also, research other photographers work and don;t be afraid to ask for certain images that you have seen :)
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    Ditto everyone!  You want to make sure you like her work.  Sounds like $500 is someone who would charge if she is starting out, but it doesn't mean she doesn't do good work.

    Just ask to see her portfolio...maybe see if you can talk to her reference/past clients, if she has one. 
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