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My hair extensions Experience

HI brides,
I wanted share with you my experience with hair extensions... I have short and thin hair, i really dont like it, my hair dont grow and for my wedding i wanted some long and thick hair...i looked for days on the web, i was on wedding and hair forum but all the prices was terrific!! I didnt want the Clip in because i dont like how it feel and it dont really look natural..I finally found a French Hairdresser installed in Los Angeles, she did my hair for an awesome price, i used the micro rings strand by strand  method ( she do others method too) and now i have some  beautiful long  and thick hair, it look so natural, it feel like mine, everybody compliment my hair and think its mine...The hair is really good quality (indian hair) i will curl them for my wedding, I paid only $300 when the others places asked me $600 to $1000 Crazy!! It last up to 5months so i will have them for my wedding but also for my birthday and New Year Party :) i think i will be addicted to extensions because i look more feminine and more confident
 I am really happy thats why i wanted share my experience with you, she was nice and she really did a good job so for the ladies who like me are looking for hair extensions dont hesitate to contact her, she have a website but i dont know if i can put the link here so i just give you her facebook BELLE HAIR EXTENSIONS her name is Celia Nicole she have a lot a pictures before/after so you can see her work... I also join on my post a picture of me so you can see how i look ( i really love my new hair lol)
Have a good day ;)

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