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Engagement pics...

What to wear? What to wear?.... E-pics are in a week in an half.

That is my question!!!!! I'm confused, jeans, dress, heel no heels? Anyway...going shopping after work...I'm actually a plus size personCry so I just think everything looks bad on me. I think I make things worse...but I have to chuck through it. We decided to take the pics at City Walk @ night. So what do you ladies think would be a good choice to wear?


Re: Engagement pics...

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    Hi ya.  I would as your photogrpaher these questions.  They can give you ideas based on the locaiton, weather, and time you are shooting.
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    I was in the same boat as confused as to what to wear.  I figured this was a pretty special occasion so I saved up some money and allowed myself to buy a few nice things.  I went to Bloomingdales and told one of the sales girls there what I was shopping for and she really helped me out.  I ended up going with two outfits - a jeans and white top and then a red dress.  My FI also bought a few new things to wear.  I couldn't have done it without some professional help.  Good luck!
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    I did both - a dress and heels and a sweater and jeans.  Most people seem to do a casual and dressy outfit.  But, that's not a rule.  If you find one great thing that makes you feel gorgeous, just stick with that outfit.  The most important thing is to buy something that makes you feel beautiful. 
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    Go with what you feel best wearing.  I think I look best in a dress and heels, so I wore 2 dresses for mine.
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    Lady, go with what you two feel comfy in. I hardly EVER wear dresses, so a dress was out of the queston. I wore jeans, a,nd just changed from Flats to Chucks, and from a shirt with a blazer jacket & pearls to just a plain every day picture =0)

    Now, for CityWalk, I can see like a nightlife theme, maybe? Maybe a black dress, with color accessories to make it POP =) Or, you can always wear some Jeans & heels =0) Dont stress over it! i am sure Nat is going to make you two look Ultra Fab!
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    You definitely don't want to feel awkward in whatever you are wearing so make sure it's something you are comfortable in.  I don't know your style but Forever 21 now has plus size clothing and they have super cute stuff from casual to dressy also have a ton of accessories to choose from  and if you tell them there what you are looking for 9 times out of 10 they will help you out with a good outfit that you feel comfortable in.  btw Charlotte Russe has braceletes and earrings 2 for $8 if you end up wearing costume jewelry versus classic/simple pearls or something.
    Just remember to not stress about it.  It's supposed to be a really fun time.
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