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Latino Weddings


Like everyone else I'm so glad to see this board finally up!  After writing some emails about No Latina boards??? What??? When we make up most of the population of the Southwest and all over the country???Anywho just wanted to say 'hello' and glad to see that we have somewhere to meet.   Our wedding is coming up in November!  Y los dos somos Chicanos de Cali! 

Re: Yay!

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    Thanks for writing emails to get this board started.  I noticed there wasn't one, so I'm glad someone took the initiative to start it.  One thing I noticed so far on here is that people are so much more warm and friendly. Some other boards, I see girls writing back smart a** comments and telling each other off for asking what they think was a stupid question.  I live in South Jersey, and there are barely any Latinos here.  My fiance is Puerto Rican and on the darker side...check out my bio...since people are ignorant that Latinos come in all different shades and looks, they always think my fiance is black just because of his complexion.  They totally missed his whole face and his name....Angel.  It kind of bugs me.I'm sure things are much different in Cali.  That probably wouldn't happen there.
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    PP, your tune of "we come in all shades" is so true.  Look at me, most people have no clue--they're really confused when they hear my name.Someone on my local (IN), a non-latina, thought it was kosher to say, "My fiance is Mexican, so we have to have rice and beans."  Her overall concern was that she didn't know what/how to feed Mexicans.  When I called her out on it, almost the entire board attacked me (To me that comment is akin to the statement that certain races always eat fried chicken and kool-aid.).  Since then, I've never really felt comfortable posting there.For that, cm, for making TK create this board.  Ladies on my local don't get it, and there only only a few of us on the Oct 09 board. 
    Matt loves Munkii!!!
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    We definitely have to keep this board rockin'.  It would have been so awesome to have it sooner!!  O well at least its here know and it'll help latinas from all over.  We have a home. :)
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