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Reception food, ( I'm on my reception bing this week!!) LOL

Ok, we are on a very strict budget for the wedding so, I was thinking more like a cocktail/ hor deourves or Tapas style party for the reception but, FI says that we have to serve what is always served at allllll of the weddigns, which is barbacoa or asado and rice served by his family members. First of all, it is boring it is done at every single wedding. Second of all, no sites around here allow outside catering from anyone who is not a licensed caterer. Third, we don't even know for sure if his parents will be able to get their visa to come so, I can't depend on her to do the food. I think the style I say is a fun and economical way to have both Mexican food and American food and nobody will go hungry, they just won't have a sit down dinner that they are used to. How do I explain this to him and how do I explain a cocktail party to his parents in Mexico? Also, what do you all think? TIA
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Re: Reception food, ( I'm on my reception bing this week!!) LOL

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    If you're not having many guests (below 100) you can probably go to your favorite restraunt and order large quantities of food. If not you're just going to really do research in your area for a caterer that will fit your budget.

    If you really don't want to serve traditional food you should sit down with your FI and just say if you can do half and half? Because to be honest the simple traditional food he wants is cheaper than say a french menu. Which is really good just really pricey lol.
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    First, I would say you and your fiance need to decide together what it is you want to do for your reception.  Then, once you guys have decided then you can go about explaining it to family members that might think it is a new way to do things or that might not be expecting your choice.  If you two are undecided, then you can't even begin to move forward.
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