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don't know what religion to do the ceremony

Ok well i grew up in a Christian church and my fiance majority of his family is catholic im doing the typical getting padrinos for the wedding i.want a non denominational wedding but don't.want to make his family feel awkward what do i do

Re: don't know what religion to do the ceremony

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    I think it depends on what's most important to you. You say you grew up in a Christian church- are you still involved in that religion, and do you still consider yourself Christian? How about your fiance, how important is it to him to get married at the Catholic church? Is he an active member? If the answer to both these questions is no, then I think you can also consider doing a civil ceremony at your venue.

    Alot of the time we put all this pressure on ourselves about what other people will think and how other people will feel, but at the end of the day- the marriage is more important than the wedding day. Do what you and your fiance want, you'd be surprised to find that his family might not even blink at your decision. 

    Good luck. 
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  • ditto to JoJo, 

    we have a similar situation, FI is catholic and I'm mormon, we're doing more like a "ring ceremony". but we much don't care about what the family thinks.. they wont feel awkard, every ceremony is different and that's what makes it special, whatever you do it's fine as long as it means something to you :P good luck
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