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It was an unexpected break up... need a new ceremony site in Puerto Rico

Hi guys!

So, last Saturday our priest broke up with us.  Yes, he's a prick, and has been the worst person we could have chosen to be our officiant.  So he asked a yes or no question about divorce to my fiance, and since he didn't answer what the priest wanted, the priest just closed our file and said that he won't marry us.   While, I don't agree with my fiance's answer, isn't the priest job to explain to us why the church holds their position against divorce? Ugh! When my fiance tried to explain why he answered the way he did the priest replied "you can leave now, I have other couples to attend".  I though, what a jerk!  I'm so upset!  It feels just like when you've broken up with someone. It is so unfair, this priest has known us since we were 7.  I can't believe he did what he did.

Anyway, now I'm so upset I don't even whant to get married at church.  I have a cousin who's a pastor and can be our officiant.  But I need a ceremony site.  I would like it to be outdoors (but with the option to go indoors in case it rains) and be close to the Old San Juan.  I was thinking of el Parke Luis Munoz Rivera, the location is perfect with respect to our reception site.  Have anyone had their wedding here?  Any other ideas?

Hope your wedding is perfect!

Re: It was an unexpected break up... need a new ceremony site in Puerto Rico

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    This board is not extremely active.  And, I have never been to Puerto Rico...but I wish you the best of luck!  And, just remember that it isn't where you get married it is who you are marrying that is important! 
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    Wow that is terrible!  It is the priests job to direct you guys, not dismiss you!

    I'm sure you will find something so do not worry!
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    I you want to be married near to Old San Juan check sites like, El Escambron Restaurante (it have great site in front of the beach and also indoor rooms for reception), the San Juan Water & Beach Club (this is in Isla Verde Area it just like 15 minutes from Old San Juan), El Convento its a romantic and beautiful Hotel too and also The Beach House Hotel its a perfect site to do an outside ceremony in frnt of the beach. I can also give you a contact of Ministros de Bodas de Puerto Rico, they are officiants for wedding with religious and no religious ceremonies. You can contact them at 787-547-1819 or 787-368-6699. Wish you the best!
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    Hi there, not sure if you have already found a site yet. Check out Casa Olimpica which is next door to San Cristobal fort. They have an indoor and outdoor reception areas. Also check out Casa de Espana. It's a beautiful venue. Definitely call the sites to inquire about the pricing. Good luck! :)

    Casa de Espana - 787-724-1044

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