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newbie/advice on incorporating Mexican traditions into non-religious ceremony

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this board, just getting started planning my wedding, and in need of some ideas for a cross-cultural wedding.  Although my fiance is interested in helping plan in general, whenever I ask him about how "Mexican" of a wedding he would like (he was born and raised there, I'm from the U.S. and not of Mexican descent) he says it is up to me and hasn't really offered any ideas on what he would like to incorporate.  (This could be partially out of ignorance--although we went to five weddings there this year, he had never been to one before that.)  I would like to incorporate some Mexican traditions into our wedding in recognition of his family but I am having trouble deciding what because we do not plan on getting married in a church which makes all the traditions I can think of (flowers for la virgen, the lasso, even the arras) out of place.

I would be curious to know what others think about incorporating these or other traditions into civil weddings in the U.S. 


Re: newbie/advice on incorporating Mexican traditions into non-religious ceremony

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    I think even if you're not having a religious ceremony, you could still incorporate the laso and the arras. A friend who is Mexican married in November to a woman who is not Mexican, the ceremony was not religious and they still used the laso. In fact, the couple also had a rosary presented to their infant son, sort of being part of the laso ceremony.
    Whatever Mexican or cultural/traditional elements you choose to incorportate, do so because it's what you and your FI want and because those elements will enhance your day.
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    We are having a mariachi perform when we make our big entrance, and for the dinner portion of the reception.

    We are both Mexican, and not catholic so we aren't doing the traditional catholic ceremony.

    You can also do a candy buffet with Mexican candies, I saw that done once and it was really cool.
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    You could still use the laso if you wanted to instead of using unity candles or doing a sand ceremony. Adding things into the reception might do as well. You can have a Mariachi band play, ask your caterer if they make any traditional food, use Mexican wedding cookies as favors or do the candy buffet with all Mexican candies as the pp said...that's a great idea by the way!
    Was there anything you saw done at the weddings you've been to this/last year that you would like to do yourself?
    GL with planning!
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    I'd like to "third" the suggestion of a mariachi group ;)  We had them come in at the end of the night and they were a huge hit at our wedding...

    Oh, and I'm not Hispanic, and DH is Mexican.
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    Thanks for the ideas, everyone.  So far the one thing we know for sure is that we want chilaquiles as a late night snack.  :)  FI also brought up the candy bar, which I know my Glorias-addicted family would enjoy.  But I'm glad to hear that it isn't necessarily taboo to incorporate some of the ceremony traditions.  I think we would both like to do the lasso and arras, but just are a bit concerned about how it will be perceived.
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    For decor ideas you could do white papel picado and paper or corn husk flowers... I like these:
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    Background and personal advice: My husband is Hispanic, born and raised here. I am white. We had our wedding at a Methodist church, which was not either of our religions. The minister was happy to learn about the cultural things that we wanted to incorporate into our ceremony and the reasons or symbolism behind them. We did the godparents of the lasso and arras and they were presented during the ceremony. They were part of the rehearsal to, so the godparents knew what they were doing on the wedding day and when. Your fiance just may not know or pay attention to the traditions. Mine really didn't know much about them.  I used his sisters and mom-the "females" to help with that part.

    Good luck and have fun planning! Hope that helps.

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    Thanks ladies!  Keep the ideas coming....I'm taking notes!  I'm kinda new on the board also and am in the same situation.  I'm African American and my FI is Mexican (born there, came to the states young).  Believe it or not, he's only been to his brother's wedding (which took place in Mexico) and is not familiar with any traditions either.  We're both Baptist and will be having an outdoor wedding officiated by our pastor in June.  So far we're having Jarritos at the reception but I'd like to incorporate something into the ceremony other than him doing his vows in Spanish. 
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    I absolutely love the suggestions! :) I have multiple friends that have incorporated their cultures in the actual ceremony. Specifically, one of our friends- she's from Guatemala and he's Indian, incorporated two traditions each from their cultures and the unity candle lighting ceremony as a way to signify the union.  It was totally non-denominational. There is no right and wrong way to do it, just do it to have meaning to the two of you.  Hope that helps and good luck!
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    I am doing the same thing as you and i love your ideas i was a little bit worried about how to do somethings but everyone has great ideas :)
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