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spanglish wedding

my future husband is coming on a fiance visa from the dominicna republic.  none of his family will be at our wedding.  he only speaks Spanish and my family only speaks English (some the guest will be bilingual)  should i have the pastor say EVERYTHING in both English and Spanish and say my vows in English and my fiance say them in Spanish?  should i go with bilingual programs?  if we're having no wedding party, just exchanging vows do we even need programs?  really the groom will be the only one who doesn't speak English. 

Re: spanglish wedding

  • That seems like a tough decision, but your wedding is for you and your husband.  I would discuss it with him and see how he feels about it.  If I were in this predicament, I would opt for bi-lingual or even spanish.  Let's face it, this is a day for you and your husband and it would happen with or without everyone present.  Vows are very short and if anyone doesn't understand, they have been to a wedding before and pretty much know what is being said.  If you opt for English only, it almost seems as if you are putting your family before your husband and that doesn't seem a good way to begin a life together.  I wouldn't create programs, that seems time consuming and an extra expense.  I would do post-wedding announcements with a picture for his family.  I hope everything works out for you!
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    I agree with nncarter. Talk to him first and sees how he feels about it. For examply my FI expressed that he'd love for me to say my vows in my native language English because he feels things have a deeper meaning for you when it's in your own language. He said he would do this himself if our ceremony had been all English instead of Spanish. So talk to him. It's both your ceremony.

    I also agree about the all English option. He will be the only person from his side at his wedding! That's really tough!! In fact, that's the same reason why we decided not to get FI a fiance visa for the US. But I guess everyone has different situations. Anyway you want him to feel comfortable and included, so I wouldn't go with all English.

    Bilingual programs sounds like a great idea to me, if you want them. This way, not just you and FI are sharing the bilingual part of your relationship, but also with all your guests. They're not necessary but I think they're a nice touch to help integrate cultures.
  • I agree with the PPs. I would go with either Spanish or Bilingual because the day is the most important for you and your Fi.
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  • My fiance and his family are spanish speaking only. All of my Invites/programs are bilingual. The Ceremony will be in English except for the Vows. I will be speaking my vows to him in Spanish, and he is learning enough english to speak his vows to me in english.

    On another note it would be a great ideal to do a video of the ceremony/reception even if it is non-professional. I'm sure they would love to see it in DR
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  • MY FI is from Argentina and only his father and brother will be here. His father does not understand much English. All FI's friends are Mexican, but speak both languages, as does FI. Our officiant only speaks English so our plan is to have the ceremony in English, but when it comes to vows we will both be saying them in English and Spanish (as I speak Spanish too).  I will be making both Spanish and English programs, and since you have bilingual guests, I say go for the bilingual programs! Also, we will be live streaming the wedding to ARG so his family can see, and they don't speak English. Have you thought of streaming the wedding so they can see it?
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  • We got married in Sept, my DH doesn't speak English. Most of our guests are bilingual, I chose to have ceremony all in Spanish because a) that's what we speak to each other and b) he's my husband and I wanted him to be comfortable. We had guests that don't speak Spanish but I didn't care, our vows are important to us, I wasn't worried about other people and if they understood or not. We didn't have programs, we did have spanish and English music at reception.
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