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My mom keeps telling me to let my guests know that the centerpieces are not for takin home. I haven't had anyone in my family get married in a while so I actually forgot that people actually do that.. but just us Latino people because I haven't seen any other culture do it.

Has anyone else been told to do this?
If so, how are you letting your guests know this?
Are you letting your guests take home centerpieces? If so, why? 

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    hi my wedding is in mexico and i never had that problem or situation in any of my family weddings or special ocations, but for my fiance family they actually do that so what i deside or my wedding planner advise me to do to put in the centerpieces a little note like the thank you notes that say in a nice way DO NOT TAKE THIS jiji is what i deside to do.
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    Our venue offered centerpieces but the guests would not be allowed to take them home.

    We decided we'll do our own centerpieces and allow guests to take home since it's rude in our opinion to put a sign saying not to take home because that's offensive.....

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    Yes. actually I'm Italian and it's very customary to take the centerpieces home.  Usually there's a game or something for the person to win them. We are letting our guests take them home.

    If you absolutely must announce it I would suggest announcing it in a professional way such as:  ''The beautiful centerpieces you see before you are property of the reception hall and therefore cannot be taken home.  Thank you for understanding.'' Or something more eloquent.... Don't just put : Do not take.  That sounds rude.

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    I hadn't really heard of this before...but recently we were at a friend's home and they had a centerpiece from a wedding..hahaha!  I would say put a polite note on the table either way, if you think there could be confusion.  Either something like, after dinner, please feel free to take the centerpiece with you.  Or something like, PP said, Centerpieces belong to florist/hall/whoever we hope you enjoy them, but please leave them at the end of the night.
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    Haha! I'm from Venezuela and I remember my mom being in a party and assuming she could take the centerpiece. I personally wouldn't take it unless somebody told me to! You know, the advice on sticky issues typically is to enlist your wedding party to spread the word, that way it's not personal. Maybe you can do it that way
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