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Just Engaged and Proposals

ring shopping is really surreal

My sweetie and I went ring shopping for the first time yesterday. We're much more of the talk about thing rather than surprise proposal types. The plan is to find rings we both love then surprise propose to each other! That way be get to be on the doing and recieving end. 

Just seeing him trying on wedding bands elicited this huge emotional reaction in me. It felt so real for the first time. Much less than seeing me try on rings (I was married before). That was still great and I was still giddy because this is completely different and I'm completely different...but...:-)  Good times.

Re: ring shopping is really surreal

  • so sweet! 
    H and I went and picked out my ring together before he proposed..
    And then we went ring shopping for our bands.. he was sooo giddy.. he LOVES his band. :) 
  • That sounds great! How sweet. I totally hear you on the talking things through instead of being totally surprised! My proposal was basically a non-proposal, haha. One day we finally said I guess we're engaged, after having talked about marriage for a while. Anyways that sounds really exciting for you!
  • It was more surreal for me when I saw a ring on HIS finger... Mine it wasnt a big deal for some reason { i did help pick it out }  But when he put his ring on to try .. I was like WHOA !!!

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