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Hey proposed!!

My fiance is in the military so I see him just about every 2-3 months. This past weekend I flew up for Easter weekend to be with him! Friday when I got there we went and walked on the Riverwalk and got some ice cream and just laughed all night. We stayed out until about 3 am just spending fun time together. When we got back to the hotel I was exhausted from being up for work since 4 am the following morning. So I climbed on in bed and was pasted out about 5 min later. When I woke up he was laying there awake with a huge smile. He said " "Good morning Beautiful" " is there anything different about you? I replied with NO I believe Im still the same as yesterday Greg except I look like crazy suzy with my wild hair and wearing a sports bra and cheer shorts lol. So then i got up to go start getting dresed for the day and he stopped me at the end of the bed and grabbed my left hand and said.. Are yousure nothing is different? While grabbing my hand he got down on his knee and said" Will you marry me Miss Katie Lynn? I couldnt smile big enough lol he said about 15 min after I was out he had slipped it on my finger!! So my Easter weekend spent with my Soilder could never have been better.

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