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Ring Indecision?

My boyfriend and I have been talking A LOT about getting engaged and have been both looking at rings - on our own and together. He wants to get me a tension setting, he's an engineer and loves the concept of them. I'm into more delicate settings (I have really small hands) and would prefer something other than a mined diamond, such as a white sapphire. Anyone have any advice on how I should go about this? Also more information on both settings/stones, what you guys prefer, pics, etc would be awesome!

And for the record: I always tell him that I will love whatever he gets me, and I truly mean it. I just want to spend the rest of my life with him - the ring is just the start of the process. I just don't want him to spend 6k on a ring when there are other more affordable options that I would be more than happy with!
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