Just Engaged and Proposals

We're engaged!

So we had started dating "officially" on January 30, 2008 at noon. We celebrate each year of dating with a trip somewhere. This year we went to Cincinnati, OH, and spent most of the weekend playing at Magiquest, having good food and enjoying life. As we were eating breakfast on the Sunday (our actual anniversary date this year), I mentioned to him casually that I was still holding out hope that he would propose sometime that day, but he shook his head and we laughed because I always think he's going to propose. We went back up to the room to rest and relax since our checkout time wasn't till noon and I was going to get our money's worth! Suddenly, it was 11:50am and I was rushing around the room, trying to make sure we made that noon check-out time. My hands were full of bags and a tea was in my left hand, ready to head out the door just in time. He calmly came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, telling me to calm down and being sweet in general (like he usually is, so I still had no idea anything was up). Then he began talking about our last 3 years together and being even more wonderful, which made me take that breath that I needed to and relax. Smiling, I turned around to thank him for making me feel better when I realized that he was down on one need with a ring! "I don't want to start our 4th year together without doing this. Kaylea, will you marry me?"I was totally taken aback! It took me a few minutes to figure out that he really was proposing! I stared back and forth, from him to the ring. He helped me drop all the bags and he deftly put the tea to the side and then placed the ring on my finger. He sat me down on the couch in the room to bask in the moment, because of course I was crying so hard I couldn't see straight, when I suddenly realized I wasn't sure if I'd said yes! He assured me I had and so we began our fourth year together, January 30, 2011, right at noon, engaged! 
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