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  • Where: We got engaged on a brunch cruise around the golden gate bridge! When: And it was memorial day weekend last year. So it's been about a year and we only have 2 months left! : :
  • Where did you get engaged? In front of the Moshulu Restaurant at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, PA right before our one year anniversary dinner!! :)

    How long have you been engaged? We got engaged on April 14, 2012 so it's been a little over four months. He surprised me when we asked someone to take our picture. I looked over and there he was on one knee!! I was in shock and awe and it is forever captured on film thanks to a really nice family who happened to walk by!! He is the best guy & I can't believe he went through all that planning & I didn't even have a clue! We've already set a date for November 8, 2013 during our favorite season, Fall :)

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  • Where did you get engaged? We got engaged at the Melbourne Chart House after an amazing dinner.

    How long have you been engaged? We have been engaged for 9 months.

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    I got engaged at a local park. My fiance and I have been engaged since July 2011, almost 14 months!
  • We have been engaged for 6 months 3 He proposed to me at his surprise birthday party and definitely surprised me more! We are getting married February 23, 2013 which is one week before our 4 yr anniversary. We are very excited!
  • I got engaged on my college graduation night at a fun restaurant with my family all around. Our waitress brought out a cake that said will you marry me? with a ring box and my ring. We have been engaged for a year now.
  • We got engaged January 4th, 2012 in Guatemala City and will get married December 15th, 2012 in Antigua, Guatemala.
    He proposed in a beautiful cave full of flowers & candels in a restaurant called El Serreno.
    Magical night!Laughing
  • We got engaged in the car :)  I knew it was coming and I was so impatient and just kept asking for it so finally he pulled over and gave me the ring.  We have been engaged for a year now...the wedding is next June!!

  • We got engaged 7 months ago very low key in our apartment. Smile
  • Where did you get engaged?

    My fiance proposed to me on a family trip to Aruba, while we were walking the beach at sunset. The only problem was...it was so cloudy we couldn't see the sunset! The rest of the family had gone shopping downtown, to see the sights, get drinks, and food. Meanwhile, we were walking back and forth on the beach (he wanted to wait until no one was around so it could be an intimate moment), & I was getting very hungry & very cranky! I mean c'mon, there was some serious international shopping that I was missing out on! Finally, at the last moment, as my fiance was saying the sweetest things to me, the sun broke through the clouds into one of the brightest, most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen, & he got down on one knee & proposed! Turns out everyone was actually just waiting back at the restaurant where he had made reservations to celebrate our engagement! Definitely the best surprise of my life!

    How long have you been engaged?

    We have been engaged since 1/7/11. We are planning our wedding for September of 2013, & I'm pretty sure it will be worth the wait!

  • I have been engaged for 8 months! We are getting married in Jamaica on May 4! So excited!
  • I got engaged to my amazing high school sweetheart but 4 years later on the jetties at the Barnegat lighthouse. He proposed on 11/11/11 at exactly 11:11. We've been engaged for almost 10 months.
  • He asked me to marry him at home in front of our son. I wouldn't have had it any other way. We've been engaged for just over 4 months And are getting married on June 14, 2013, Flag Day. Seemed like a perfect date to marry a military man. :
  • We got engaged at the gun range. He had a custom target set up at 100 yards that said Will you marry me?It could only be seen through a scope! We have been engaged for 1 week!
  • We got engaged at his parents house after having a great dinner with both of our families! We've been engaged for 2.5 months and I couldn't be happier!!
  • Alex and I got engaged on May 11th, 2012 (almost 4 months) after my now fiance graduated with his Masters. I was so excited for him all week that I wasn't realizing he had anything planned. After the ceremony he told me his family wanted to take a walk on campus. During the stroll, we stopped outside the Chapel at our university and he got down on one knee, told me he regretted having to wait so long to do this, and proposed. It was the best day of my life!!

  • Where did we get engaged? After he went and asked my father for his permission, Grant Mitchell proposed to me over lunch w a dozen roses in 1 hand tears in his eyes and the ring in his other hand. He cried. I screamed ; How Long have we been engaged? Been engaged for 79 days!! Since may 14th, 2012. Getting married to my best friend on jan 4,2013
  • I have been engaged 13 months and will be getting married on the 22nd of September!! We got engaged aboard the Carnival Ecstasy during sail away on the front of the ship. One guy on the deck above us yelled, "He's proposing!" After that everyone on the deck with us turned around and everyone on the deck above us started cheering. It was awesome!
  • Where did you get engaged? At a friend's beach house in Rhode Island on New Year's Eve.

    How long have you been engaged? Exactly 8 months today!!!

  • We got engaged at our favorite restaurant over desert. It was a complete surprise. I would have never expected him to propose in a public place. We have been engaged for 11 months. It will be one year on September 30th :
  • We got engaged the day before valentines day. He tricked me by giving me a new kitchen trash can as my valentines gift...I was not impressed by a trash can..lol. But then said he had one more thing for me. He was down on one knee and proposed at my home. We have been engaged for 8 months and getting married in Jamaica in May!!
  • My fiance and I got engaged in our apartment on March 8, 2011. On September 8th we will have been engaged one year and 6 months!
  • We got engaged on July 26 at Kinnitty Castle in Ireland. It was the second day of a two week vacation we took to the country the London Olympics. He whisked me away on the second day of the trip while visiting relatives. And we did stay the night. It was truly a fairytale that ended up making our trip of a lifetime an even more magical experience.
  • Where did you get engaged?
    We got engaged on my fiance's farm.  Because it was so close to Easter (2 days before), he had me search for easter eggs that each had a letter in them. After collecting them all, I had to unscramble the letters (which spelt out "Will you marry me?") After I figured it out, he came out with a giant silver egg with the ring in it and got down on one knee!! 

    How long have you been engaged? 
    He asked me to marry him on April 22, 2011! 

  • I have been engaged for 10 months! After a long day of school and work my fiance came home tired and acting a little funny after a romantic dinner of pizza rolls I was standing at our kitchen sink washing our dinner dishes and I turned around to him on one knee with a little box in his hands. He told me how much he loved me and that he couldn't imagine spending the rest of his life with anyone else. It's not the most romantic and planned out proposal but it was completely from his hart and that's all I ever want! We will be married October 5 2013
  • Got engaged at my mom's house it was beautiful and simple and very romantic and wedding date is August 17,20 13
  • We got engaged at Horizon's restaurant at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC to celebrate our one year. We will be engaged 5 months next week.
  • I got engaged at a childrens program we do at my church which is very near and dear to my fiance and I's hearts called VBS. In front of 400 kids and parents!! SO amazing. We got engaged on July 27, 2012. Just over a month ago! :
  • We got engaged at our apartment the night before Valentines day while watchinng American Wedding. We decided to wait a year to get married so we could save up, finally set the date for June 22,2013 by the time we get married we will be dating for 7 years and are high school sweethearts!
  • I got engaged on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel in Chicago during sunset on June 3, 2011. I have been engaged for almost 15 months, we are getting married on October 6, 2012!
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