Just Engaged and Proposals

Best. Day. Ever.

We walked around the fountain in City Center and sat on a bench for a while and then went to a coffee shop to warm up. It's no coincidence that this cafe is where we met up for our first date, which lasted 6 hours while we walked around the fountain and talked all night in the freezing cold.


When the coffee shop closed, he  realized he had "lost" his keys, so we had to retrace our steps around the fountain. The whole time we were looking, he was telling me reasons he loved me and I couldn't stop smiling. As I was walking, I noticed a guy sitting on a higher bench with a camera in his lap, but didn't recognize him.  When we got back to our bench, I found the keys sitting underneath it and he told me I had missed something down there.  He reached under the bench, picked up the ring box, and got down on one knee, at which point I threw my purse and shopping bag onto the cement because I didn't want them in our photos!  He very romantically asked me to be his wife and gave me the ring just like in the movies.


I was already crying, but when he told me to turn around and I noticed the huge crowd of our friends and my family standing on a raised spot behind me, I was absolutely bawling.   Not only did they get to see and photograph the whole thing without me noticing (they were very sneaky) but they were there to give us about 30 hugs right after! I feel so loved and lucky and insanely happy! :)
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