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Telling the families.... suggestions??!!

My fiance' and I are going to see both of our families over the holidays. He plans on making the announcement of our engagement!!!

Are there any suggestions or unique ways of doing this, rather than the clinking of the dinner glass and saying "we have an announcement to make..."????


Re: Telling the families.... suggestions??!!

  • I wouldn't do it in a unique way.  I would just tell them.  They'll most likely notice when they see the ring on your finger, so you might want to do it pretty quickly.
  • Ditto NavyBaby.  No need to be dramatic about it, it's a big exciting announcement on it's own without adding anything "unique" to it.
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  • I agree with both. Although I agree with you that the clinking of the glasses thing is a little chiche and I might avoid that. Usually when I see new people they ask me "how i've been" and I simply say 'Wonderful!' and show them my ring. Obviously you cant do that exactly with a large family, but you get the idea. Its special all by itself. No real need to jazz it up. That and I cant really think of anything else, I just woke up. hehe
  • Unless you hide your ring, people will probably notice pretty quickly. You may not even get a chance to make an announcement, we didn't even though we were surrounded by his whole family. They all knew it was coming anyway.
  • My Fiancee and I are very Chinese traditional....so his parents will know first. Then my parents will be asked by his parents if they can have me as their daughter in law.....


    From there, the parents will tell the rest of the family :)

    Plus, both of our families knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time and confirming it.


    If I want something unique.......


    After dinner....when everyone is mingling with each other, have your fiancee get down on his knee and do the entire proposal all over again :) 


    No glass clicking needed there....people will gasp, cheer and smile :)

  • My fiance couldn't wait until Thanksgiving dinner to make the announcement.... he actually hid my hand [while I was wearing the ring, of course] under his and told his mother "Hey Toni has a pretty bad cut on her hand, could you look at it?"
    Her reaction was priceless, she just looked at us completely confused and then burst into tears. LOL
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