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Hey all!

After almost 7 years of dating, we finally had the most low key engagement ever (it involved pajamas and chicken wings), and I'm thrilled! And lost about this whole wedding planning thing, it seems so daunting suddenly. So where do we start? We don't have a date decided yet, should we nail that down first or something else?

Re: Hey all!

  • You start by RELAXING hahah and enjoying your engagement :P When you do start planning book the big things like church, venue, photographer first once you settle on a date.
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  • Congratulations on your engagement! First decide on a budget, and then figure out the guest list, then you can begin searching for venues.
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  • Congratulations!!

    Start off by enjoying your engagement. There's no need to rush into planning, as much as you may want to. When you're ready to start planning, The Knot has a great planning checklist that will really help you out a lot. While some of the things on the list aren't necessary, it's still a big help to get you started, and give you an idea of what you need to get done and when. :]
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