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So I am trying to write our Engagement announcement for the newspapers and i am lost. We do not want to include school or work information.

So far this is all I can come up with

Together with their families, Bride and Groom, both of Nowhere, Iowa are pleased to anounce their Engagement and upcoming wedding. The couple was engaged on April 29, 2011 at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain GA. A Private Ceremony and receptions will be held in September 2012 at the Radission nowhere, iowa.

Does it sound stupid to put where and when we were engaged since it was over a year ago?

i feel like we are going to look like losers!!

Re: Engagement Announcement

  • I don't think it sounds stupid at all! but if you are really worried about it, just omit the year you got engaged. No one has to know that it was a year ago, and technichally, you're not lying, you're just ommiting information, lol. 

    Hope I helped ya a little bit :)
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  • We didn't put our engagement date in our engagement announcement at all. We just put what our upcoming wedding date was. I think the wording was something like:

    John and Jane Smith announce the engagement of their daughter (my name) to (H's name) son of blah blah blah. Here we put our work/education info. at the end we said, "The couple will wed on July 23,, 2011 and honeymoon in Oahu, Hawaii."

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  • ya see we aren't doing parents names and dont want education or work info included so thats why  i am at such a loss
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    [QUOTE]ya see we aren't doing parents names and dont want education or work info included so thats why  i am at such a loss
    Posted by shanliann[/QUOTE]

    I know, I just used ours as an example of what we did and how you could do it without the date. Where I said we inserted extra info, you can easily skip right over that. If you don't want it coming from your parents, just say, "Your name and Fi's name are engaged to be married on _______ at ______ (insert location if you want)". You can then include the HM info if you want.

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  • and we can't afford a honey moon so its like everything anyone puts in there engagement announcement we dont want.....i have a feeling we are going to end up with

    "sw and tf are happily engaged and getting married in sept"

    id so make fun of us if i saw that in the paper lol
  • A lot of people don't take HMs. I definitely wouldn't make fun of it. The thing is, the typical info listed are parents, jobs, education, wedding date, and sometimes HM. If you don't want parents, jobs, education, or HM, there isn't a whole lot left to put in the announcement. Do you HAVE to run an announcement (I mean obviously no one has to, but I guess, why do you want to if you want to exclude a lot of info?)

    I also think if you put in a nice pic and just put your names, that you're engaged, and where/when you're getting married, it won't look odd.

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  • i really really want to put one in the paper, i guess i should atleast give some consideration to skipping it since we are not comfortable using the "norm" information.....

    or maybe ill just do a nice picture and keep it real simple.
  • Why dont you just put a wedding announcement in the paper? You guys have been engaged for awhile and are getting married in the next few months.
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