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Just Engaged! (XP with NEY)

Well ladies, I went away on our beach vacation last Saturday and just knew it was going to happen this week. That is until I noticed the ring bag in the back of BF's car and he didn't bring it with him when we left. So I'll admit the first day I was a little down, but quickly got over it to enjoy our vacation.

Apparently BF told my mom (she is on vacation with us too) the other day and they both planned this big proposal idea for sunset last night. Well, I on a whim decided that we should go to the local boardwalk/pier place for dinner and shopping, not realizing what they had planned. In a haste, BF didn't want to clue me in to what his plans were, he changed them on the fly.

I was in the middle of blow drying my hair for dinner and he brought me my phone and said I had a text message. I told him it could wait until I was done. But he just stood there looking at me, so I reluctantly picked it up. I noticed it was a picture message from him:

I turned around to look at him and he had the ring in the box and he asked me if I would marry him. It was all such a blur, but I just remember hugging and kissing him. He took me for a walk down the beach when I finished my hair to go see what he had written and some kids playing nearby decided they wanted to mess it up while he was gone. So I'm glad that he sent me the picture instead of taking me down there so I could say "umm what the heck is that supposed to say?" lol

We gathered my two girls and brought them in to our room behind closed doors to tell them what had happened. I had to make sure they knew first and that they understood that nothing was changing. My oldest took it the hardest and is just convinced that if you get married you HAVE to have a baby. I keep telling her that if and when we decide to do that, she will be included in the discussion up front. I'm sure she'll get over it.

I waited to tell my mom and sister despite the fact that they are on vacation with us. FI wanted to see how long it took before they noticed the ring (and me being afraid of my mom being a Debbie Downer, I was totally on board with that plan!) We managed to hide it for over an hour, and they noticed as we sat down for dinner. I was shocked to find out that my mom knew and she was actually happy for me.

Anywho, without further interruptions, here is the ring porn:

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