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Just Engaged and Proposals

Just engaged, overwhelming myself!!

      Just got engaged during a trip to New York on the Brooklyn Bridge a very sentimental spot for us, very sweet, very private even with all the crowds.  Stressing myself out, mother stressing me out, asking questions about hotel reservations when haven't set a date or a venue and just arrived home from trip two days ago.  I'm a worrier by nature.  GGGAAAHHHH!!!

Re: Just engaged, overwhelming myself!!

  • Congrats!

    It can be overwhelming at first, but I found it helped to just take a week or so to enjoy being engaged without jumping right into planning. If people start haranguing you about details, just tell them you haven't even thought about setting a date yet and are just enjoying being engaged. Let your mom know that once you figure out a date, you will tell her.

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  • Yeah it's definitely annoying that people will start bugging you about stuff when it hasn't even quite sunk in yet!  No need to settle on a date or any other details until you and your fiance want to.  And in the meantime you can let people know that you appreciate that they are excited for you but you haven't started planning yet.
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  • Congrats!

    Just enjoy your engagement right now. When people ask questions you can simply reply with "we want to enjoy our engagement right now without the stress of planning". 

  • Congrats!

    like PP said, try to take some time away from wedding talk and just enjoy being engaged! I know I'm trying to! Wink
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  • COngratulations!!!

    I too am overwhelming myself.. its just the way it is! We have been engaged 9 days and have already looked at 6 venues. We want to get married next March so I feel like I need to get a venue booked NOW, and then I can relax a little and enjoy the engagement!!!!

  • Congratulations to you on your engagements, andk82 and abbwatts!

    I too am a new fiancee (he proposed two weeks ago today), and while we did set a date right away, the planning questions started immediately when we got home from our trip, so I agree that it can be overwhelming. We thought it would calm down when we selected our venue, but no... now the questions are coming in about our color choices!

    I've come to the conclusion that it never really stops, so I might as well have an answer ready such as the answers suggested above by our other posters. "We're still playing with a couple of options," is one of my favorite standbys when someone asks for info that I don't have yet. This way it sounds like you're on the ball (even if you haven't gotten to it yet) and it's a polite enough way to end the subject. Hope this helps!
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