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Should I Insure My E-Ring?

Hi, everyone. I'm wondering about insuring my engagement ring. I got engaged in November, 2010 and had my ring sized about a week later (it was twice as big as it needed to be!) I'm very new to all this wedding stuff and asked my mother if I should insure my engagement ring. She says there's no point in it since my engagement ring isn't the most expensive/biggest thing out there.

I know my FI spent more than a few hundred dollars on it (he won't tell me the price and I don't want to know!) and I know that it's real diamond and real gold. I don't know the exact karats, but I could ask if that helps. I'd just be devastated if something happened to it (I LOVE my ring!), but my mom  just says that insuring it would cost almost as much as the ring itself.

Just wondering....Is it worth it to insure, or not?
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