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he popped the question!

The day before my birthday and 6 days before Christmas, he finally asked!  Lol!  Of course I kinda have been looking at wedding stuff prior (wishful thinking I guess).  Now we have to set a date.  Since we're paying ourselves, he said 2 years.  I think that's too long to wait.  What do you all think?

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    My engagement will be 2 months shy of a 2 year engagement. Relax and enjoy it! save money here and then so you can have the perfect wedding. It goes by fast! Im just past a year and a half from my wedding and i feel like its flown by already!
  • Congratulations on your engagement! There is nothing wrong with a 2 year engagement, ours will be about 20 months. It gives you more time to save and plan.
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  • Like PPs have said, figure out your budget and go from there. If you can afford to have the wedding earlier, then do it, but if not, it's not the end of the world.
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  • We are looking at a 17mth engagment. I would love to have it earlier as we want to have children and I am a little older (35), but we also want to wait for my Brother in law to return from his deployment and that wont be for another year. So 17mths worked for us and its a relief to be able to save the money up. Congrats on your engagement.

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    My engagement is 2 years because he was deployed for the first year of it. I wish I would've been married already but we couldn't help it and probably wouldn't have the money for our wedding. See what your comfortable spending and if you can save it up faster than 2 years on top of all your other bills and whatnot
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    We are having a two year engagement and find it to be a good amount of time because now we dont have to rush to get things done and we really can take it one step at a time and should not have to stress over anything!

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  • Thanks everyone!!  We finally picked a date: December 15, 2012.  BUT its a tentative date.  I am open to waiting longer than a year.  So far I am so overwhelmed with everything, I have no clue where to begin...  So far we have an appointment at one venue.  He really likes a fall wedding, but he has left the date up to me (he says its "my day").  Too cute...  I dont know how you all do this.  venue, date, caterer,photographer....
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