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Show it off!!

I haven't seen one of these posts in awhile.
Show off your bling ladies!
I'll go first :)

1.36 carat princess cut in white gold with one baguette and three round cut diamonds on each side of the center stone. It still takes my breath away every time I look at it.

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Re: Show it off!!

  • Ooooh VERY pretty!! If I had a pic of my ring on this computer... I would post!

  • amlaplante- LOVE it... that is beautiful.

    Mine is a 1.02 ct solitaire. It is literally my dream ring. Not too big and not too small. White gold. He picked it out all by himself (with some help from his friends but not me) it took him months. THAT means more to me than the ring itself. That he put that much effort into getting me just what I always wanted.

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  • I have very tiny fingers obviously. Half-carat princess cut solitaire. Exactly what I wanted. I was worried for a few weeks that FI was going to get me something with sidestones or a "halo" or whatever. They are gorgeous, don't get me wrong. But my fingers are too small for that, and it's really NMS anyway.

    Lovely bling ladies!
  • Okay I never post on this board but I love shamelessly showing off my ring though

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  • 1.25 carat center stone with .25 carats in the band, with a cathedral setting

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  • All of you have such gorgeous rings!!

    I just posted mine in one not too long ago, but like many of you, I just could resist another opportunity to show it off again!  I couldn't get a very good close up shot of it-to really show all of the details that I LOVE but, here's the best I could get so you can see it from the top, and gallery.

    It's a .77CT princess cut center stone.  There are a total of 28 tiny round diamonds along the top and on both sides of the gallery.  The band is 14KT white gold with a hand engraved design and milgrain beading along all edges.  I love how it has a timeless/antique look to it, while not being outdated.

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  • Mine is 1.55 ct center stone with 3 round diamonds on each side, and it is a family heirloom, estimated to be about 60-70 years old. Every time I look at it I am blown away by it and can stop thinking about all the history this ring has already been through, I am very thankful to have a family heirloom.
  • Here is mine.  We had gone looking together so FI could get an idea of what I liked.  I fell in love with this ring and he went back the next day and bought it (and then held on to it for 4 months before giving it to me...talk about torture!).  I love that it is unique, yet it's not crazy.

  • sapphirebaby- I LOVE sapphires! Yours is gorgeous!

    Lovely rings everybody :)

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    I also never post on this board, but I loveeeee my ring, so I'll show you. :)

    1.55c Canturi Regina.




  • Ta-daa!  1.5ct center stone set in a platinum mounting with .25ct diamonds pave set :)
  • Beautiful rings ladies! I also cannot resist showing mine off... I wish I had better pictures of it though!

    1 ct. princess cut with 44 round diamonds around the rest of the ring. I can't wait to get my wedding bands: two .25 ct. bands with diamonds all around, perfectly matching the size of my e-ring! Yayy!!

  • Jenna, not to be creepy, but you're freakin beautiful!
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    [QUOTE]Jenna, not to be creepy, but you're freakin beautiful!
    Posted by jennylove810[/QUOTE]

    <div>So are you Jenny! I would pay GOOD money to have my smile look like yours.</div>
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  • LOL aww, thanks girls :D  What a sweet thing to say!

    But truth be told, I *did* pay good money - zoom teeth whitening, one of the best investments I ever made.
  • These are all gorgeous. :) I'll show mine when it's done -- the jeweler is still working on it. It's a design of my own and it uses a couple of wee diamonds from FI's grandmother's engagement ring.
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    Never wanted a diamond.

    The name of the stone is Sheer Luck.
  • LadySuperNova- Very unique. I've never heard of that stone before. *heads to google*
  • Here's mine!  I love it!  However, I'm worried about getting a wedding band that will fit with it as the band on my ring has a unique shape.  Any ideas?  We've already talked about possibly resetting the ring so a band would fit easier...

  • I'll post a link to save bandwith.  http://twitpic.com/1gdlw5
    It's more beautiful in person...14k white gold, total weight 7/8 carat with 73 total diamonds
  • I adore my ring so I'm happy to show it off!  My jewler did a reinterpretation of a Cartier ring.....
    My center stone is 2.20 cts. and then there are 10 round side diamonds in a bead setting.  The bead setting makes them sparkle more and really why I fell in love with the design.  Mine is a pallidium setting.

  • Jenny - I'm so jealous of your Zoom teeth whitening!!
    I had plasters of my teeth made for my whitening kit I got from my dentist and I am desperate to use it! It sits on my counter in the bathroom and I stare at it every day but I'm trying to wait until  a little closer to the wedding. I probably won't get near the results you got but it's probably the biggest "beauty" thing I'm gonna do before the wedding... not counting my I-say-it-exists-but-it-mostly-doesn't-really-exist diet and exercise regime!
  • Bellaluna -  I love love LOVE your ring!! I'm all about the Sparkle Factor so yours is great!!
  • Lady Supernova, that's gorgeous! Nothing weird about not having a diamond -- I didn't want one for ethical reasons, but when FMIL offered us some antique family diamonds I thought that would be okay.

  • Crappy phone picture, but it's a 1.4 c pear shaped solitaire. It was my grandmother's. This is the night I got my wedding band, which belonged to my great grandmother. I'm not married yet, so obviously I don't normally wear the wedding band. I just put it on to take this picture. I'm in love with them both.
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  • I found my ring on etsy. The stone is a peridot, and it is a complete coincidence that it's the August birthstone and both our wedding and FI's birthday are in August. I just really like peridot. :)
    Linky: http://tinypic.com/r/334q3ro/5

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    [QUOTE]I found my ring on etsy. The stone is a peridot, and it is a complete coincidence that it's the August birthstone and both our wedding and FI's birthday are in August. I just really like peridot. :) Linky: <a href="http://tinypic.com/r/334q3ro/5" rel="nofollow">http://tinypic.com/r/334q3ro/5</a>
    Posted by trinalo[/QUOTE]
    That's my birthstone too. I love it so much!
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  • Gorgeous rings, ladies! I have no idea the size of my stone, because he still won't tell me anything about it (cost, size, etc.) But, that's perfectly fine with me- I don't need to know any of that, I just know that I love it (and him : )

    It's an Asscher cut which I absolutely wanted, and the setting is Tacori. Very different than what I thought I wanted, but I love it so much more than what I had in mind- and he picked it out all by himself!! That's the best part.

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  • it's absolutely perfect... just got it tuesday, I couldn't believe it :)
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