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So I emailed my photographer who is supplying our guestbook.   She can only meet tonight unless I wanted to wait until next week or sometime after, but honestly i don't. I want another check!!   I know our photographer is using pictures from our E-pic session but I don't know if we'll just have spots for people to sign their names or if we can actually add questions or some other fun idea. Either way my real question is.....
What are you doing for your guestbook?
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    We ended up buying a 11x16 photo frame from Michael's and putting one of our e-photos in it and that is going to be our guest book.


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    We got ours through Shutterfly and I LOVE it!!! We used our e-pictures and made sure to leave space for people to sign or write a short note.
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    I've actually been thinking about this all day. I'm deciding between a frame like bells posted above, or a fingerprint tree. I don't have a link right now because I'm at work but I've found a couple of etsy sellers who will draw me a tree on a poster and then my guests can put their fingerprints on it as leaves in ink in my colors and sign their names on the leafs. I like both of these ideas so much better than books. I had a guestbook for my Bat Mitzvah and I literally never look at it. I'd rather have something that can be displayed and enjoyed for years.

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    My sister made ours. It is from Costco, pretty much the same thing as mekiakoo, but we have random pictures of us together instead of engagement pictures.
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    We get a guestbook of our e-pics that sounds a lot like what you're getting. It is 20 pages, so it'll have 10 e-pics with a facing page that just has lines for people to sign. I'd like to have a more fun kind of guest book, but this came with our photog package, so it makes sense to take it. We may do some kind of fun advice thing at the reception anyway in addition to the book... we'll see.
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    I don't know what we're doing yet. I think the standard book without pictures is boring, but I'm worried about having enough space on a frame for everyone to sign. We're inviting 180 people and I don't know if that's too many people for that sort of thing.

    I like the idea of having guests write you little words of wisdom for marriage but I have zero ideas on how to do this logistically.
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    I ordered our guestbook from a seller on Etsy, Lacunawork. She engraved a scenic area of our wedding venue. :)
    Here it is:

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    [QUOTE]I ordered our guestbook from a seller on Etsy, Lacunawork. She engraved a scenic area of our wedding venue. :) Here it is:
    Posted by lyssalou89[/QUOTE]

    That is beautiful!! How many pages are there? Any pictures inside?
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    Thank you! From looking at mine, it looks like they have anywhere from 60-100 pages. The pages are blank so there are no pictures, but all the pages are recycled which I really love! Plus the book and pages themselves smell amazing! :)
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    i wanted to something unique like have guests sign a bunch of wine bottles or something to that effect....open one bottle every anniversary or something like that. im just afraid at the thought of them breaking at some point though!
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    Lyssalou that's gorgeous! We found a coffee table book with quotes about growing and images of nature with lots of space for guests to write a message opposite each picture.
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    lyssalou that is gorgeous!!!!

    The photostrips are going onto scrapbook paper & they'll be able to write us messages on the scrapbook paper.  Pretty excited about it actually!
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    We are using our own adventure book- from the movie UP! It was a valentines gift 2 years ago, and we have updated it with our relationship. The last piece will be engagement pictures or left blank for wedding photos and each page will have a different piece of advice we want people to leave on that specific page. 
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    Thanks girls! I love all your ideas so much as well! I can't wait to see how they all turn out! They sound gorgeous!

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    If we bother doing one, it will be something that we can use again.  As much as I like the books with pictures, they're just not for me.  I was thinking of doing something like this where everyone can sign their names and then after we seal it we can keep it and use it forever:

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