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Anyone else have wedding planning overload?

FI proposed on 4th of July and here it is the 16th and I'm already thinking seating charts and centerpieces. I really want to do a lot of the decorations myself or with the help of any willing WP members. :) I am very excited because FI is very supportive of my decisions and every time I've shown him an idea I like, it's what he has imagined too. 

We're not geting married for over a year, but considering we are students, full time workers and parents, it's tough. I'm starting to feel a little overloaded though by the cost of everything. We really only have a 5-6k to spend on our wedding, and I'm worried I won't be able to contribute much because I'm trying to get out of credit card debt (small but there nonetheless). We do want to buy a house/send our kid to college sometime in the near future. 

Anyone else feel down when they think of the cost of everything? Thank the big guy in the sky we are getting a venue for free (using a family friend's property). 

Re: Anyone else have wedding planning overload?

  • You should be researching lots of DIY and budget ideas to start. Anything you see that you like, think how you can do it cheaper. You have lots of time to plan!
  • My FI and I are getting married next weekend, and we have been able to pull it off at less than $6,000. When he first proposed I felt the same as you, very overwhelmed!! We were able to get tons of great deals just by talking to people. It is crazy how many people you know that can help our know someone that can!!

    Also, plan out as many DIY projects as you feel comfortable with. I know you are busy, but some of the things I thought would take forever were actually pretty quick. It took less than a day to get my bouquets and guys bouts assembled (of course thats after I found all the right stuff to make them!)

    Good luck, and enjoy every moment!! Congrats!!
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  • (I've been a wedding planner for quite a few weddings)

    Ok, make simple invitations with your wedding party and/or family. Google is and you will se several simple easy ideas. 

    Have friend's do the singing. 

    Make the food and make it simple. Sandwich platters or soup & Salad.

    If there is going to be dancing use a ipod mix of music. 

    Make your own centerpieces or have one of your creative friends work with you to make pretty one's

    Google is amaizing for these things.

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    There are TONS of great ideas on Pinterest for DIY wedding decor, food, etc.  I also have a very small budget to work with, so will be doing most things ourselves.  One way we are cutting costs is with our photographer. Instead of hiring a professional we are using my fiance's art school connections to get a photography student to do our photos.  We get good photos for cheap, and they get to use them to build their portfolio. We did ask for teacher and work references though, just to make sure the girl  actually know what shes doing and is responsible enough to show up on time and everything.

    I've got wedding overload just in the trying to find a venue stage of planning.  I know there will be so much work left to do still once thats done, but I feel like that it will be a huge weight off.  I think it's going to be very important to keep organized, make to-do lists and deadlines, and stick to them.  Also, the best advice I've given myself is to keep everything as simple as possible.  No letting your mind run away with fabulous ideas that just aren't realistically going to happen without major time or financial expenditures. 
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