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Surprise Sunset Proposal... PIP

(apparently I like to write novels...? sorry in advance! Smile)

Sooo... A few months before "the day" (aka proposal) Anthony, my fiance, had suggested we take a mini get-away. Being that he is an engineer, he hardly gets time off of work. We usually try our best to travel over three day weekends. I thought this trip, a two night stay on Marco Island, was nothing more than another mini-vaca for us. Everything there was a surprise for me. He surprised me with movie tickets on Saturday night (needless to say, Marco has very little night life and this was his only option), a beautiful private beach day on Sunday, and a sunset dinner cruise on Sunday night! I was super excited for the cruise, as we both had never been on anything like that before. The staff/crew were so nice, and the random travelers that accompanied us were super sweet. Ant and I scored two awesome seats on the bow of the boat, overlooking the Gulf. Dolphins were swimming around us. The sun was setting behind the clouds. Truly breathtaking. At this time, Ant and I tried taking a picture of ourselves with the sunset in the background. A fellow passenger noticed this and asked if we would like her to take one of us. We both agreed, and as Ant went to take back the camera and thank her, he stopped and asked her to take "just one more"... THE PROPOSAL WAS CAUGHT ON CAMERA!...

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