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18k White Gold scratching?

Hey everyone! I just posted about my Cape May proposal which was June 7th but I have a question and I figured who would be better to ask than you girls. I absolutely love my ring. It's a pure, untreated violet sapphire with 8 diamonds set in 18k white gold. I love the way the white gold looks...it always looks shiny and silver and I have always preferred it over Platinum's grey matte look. However, I have noticed that my ring has been getting scratched up a bit and it has only been about 3 weeks since I have gotten it... Does anyone else have 18k white gold for their engagement ring and experienced something similar? And if you have experienced scratching, do you know of anyway to maintain it better? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
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Re: 18k White Gold scratching?

  • thanks so much for posting this. i just got engaged and i am usually very hard on jewelry no matter how hard i try to keep it nice. so i was hoping that there were some ways to fix the scratches. and now i know to ask the insurance and the store if they will do the cleaning and re-plating. i would hate to mess up the best and most meaningful piece of jewelry i own! Have a great 2012!
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