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e-ring tattoos?

is anyone else getting engagement-ring tattoos? =] we're going soon & i'm very excited! i'm having a real ring too that will go over but we love tats to begin with so it seems only fitting for us to have them. we love the idea of them being so permanent & i love that when i'll have to take my ring off to sleep or shower etc it will still be on. plus they just look pretty! lol

if anyone else has them i'd love to see pics!=]

Re: e-ring tattoos?

  • The H of one of my coworkers can't wear a wedding ring because he's a mechanic (it's not practical when he's working on engines all day), so he tattooed her name on his ring finger.  Don't have a pic, but it looks really cute.

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  • I love tattoos, have many of them, and you couldn't pay me to do this. Maybe I'm a realist, but relationships/marriages DO end sometimes. Then you're stuck with either a pain in the ass tattoo removal or being reminded of your old relationship the rest of your life (which I am sure would go over well if you wanted to get remarried).
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  • I was just talking about this with a friend of mine.  She was married 3 or 4 years ago.  They both got tattoo wedding bands.  At the time no one could tell her what a bad idea is was, so she went ahead and did it.  A year ago they got divorced and now she's either looking at an expensive and painful removal procedure, or getting another tat to cover it up (which frankly, probably won't help because she'll still know what is underneath).

    Realistically, relationships do end.  And if/when they do, isn't it easier just to remove a wedding band than a forever reminder of the other person?

    IMO, just isn't smart.  I'm all for tattoos and I have four but they are for me, not another person.  I'm smart enough to know that while I love DH, neither one of us can predict what might happen in the future.

  • My boyfriend loves the idea of those. He's already sold on getting one before our wedding next year. He's been trying to convince me, but I'm not much of a tattoo person.
  • I'm not sure about e-ring tatoos, but I want Fi to get a band when we're married. His left hand already has a tat on it, so it wouldn't be such a big deal. He's an electrical engineer and can't wear a ring to work, which is so much of the time really....
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  • I have two tattoos, but I wouldn't want a ring tattoo because it would be a pain to get it removed.
  • Ithink it a romantic idea but my fi did what your about to do about 10 year ago with his ex they thought they would be together forever. as you can see there not and now everyday i get to look at this thing on his finger its no longer a tattoo but a scar  now so bad idea
  • Do you two have tattoos for each other already?  Like, his initials on your hip or your name on his chest? 

    If you are already tated for each other- I say go ahead!  If not, I'm going to agree w/ others that you may want to not do it, or at least hold off and do it as a special anniversary gift to each other. 
  • I think it's a romantic idea.
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