Just Engaged and Proposals

White Christmas in MN Proposal PIP!!!

The morning of December 23rd, we sat around the breakfast table drinking coffee together. We played the Isaac Asimov’s quiz and then decided that a walk around frozen Lake Harriett would be nice. Jeremy suggested that we take our car and get a head start. 
We both wrote letters to Mr. Little Guy, a gnome who has a locked door in a tree along Lake Harriett. Mine read, “Dear Mr. Little Guy, I am on a special trip to MN with the one I love. Do you have someone to love this Christmas?” Jeremy kept his a secret and we placed the notes under the tiny door in the tree. 
We walked together in the winter wonderland and all the trees had a layer of snow on them; I called them “storybook trees” because they looked so enchanting. We passed joggers and cross-country skiers along our path. 
We talked about how much fun our trip had been so far and I sang some of the songs we had sang the night before. Be thou my vision, Doxology and In Christ Alone were just a few. Jeremy started to talk about our relationship and we shared how happy we are together.
We were finally at the end after walking completely around the Lake; we came to an outdoor stage with park benches for pews. We climbed the stairs to the beautiful view from the window of the stage. I was stunned at the beauty of the trees on the horizon and the frozen lake. Jeremy pulled me back from the window a little ways and I realized there was something written in the snow. 
In big letters, I saw “MARRY ME” and Jeremy turned to me as he got down on one knee and pulled my left glove off. He reached down into a mound of snow and pulled out the most beautiful engagement ring. He asked me to marry him and I gave an tearful "YES!"
I then saw Mark and Michael come up to the stage taking pictures and people started clapping. Michael had been hiding in a snow mound and there was a lady in a red hat spying on us to warn them we were coming. 
We popped the champagne with the “J” on the bottle that had been sitting in the corner of the stage (I had walked right past it!). I was completely surprised and thrilled. During our walk I had thought to myself that this was the most perfect place to get engaged, but never suspected it would happen because the walk around the lake seemed so spontaneous. I even mentioned to Jeremy that this was the most romantic place I’d ever been to. 
After a few moments of tears and hugs we headed to Amore Victoria to meet the ladies for a celebratory lunch. We walked through the door and I was welcomed to the family by my future mother-in-law and sisters.

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