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Engaged 12/26!

Hi all! 

I am newly engaged, just happened on Monday! I am so excited to be marrying my best friend and love of my life! We've been together for 6 1/2 years.

I could use all the help I can get! Is it best to use a package from the venue or do everything seperately (flowers, photography, music, etc)?

Also, any recommendations for a tropical honeymoon that isn't too costly?

Any other suggestions or recommendations would be truly appreciated! We are located in MA and also considering south FLA for our wedding. Trying to figure out if we will get married in MA or FL.

Thanks! Congrats to all the brides!
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Re: Engaged 12/26!

  • Congratulations on your engagment. Im from RI and we are considering MA/RI as my fiance is from MA. South Fl is beautiful also. Great honeymoon spot :)
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  • Congrats!!!

    Having shopped different weddings and venues in the past especially in Florida I have learned that it can be costly, but with some crafty skills you can do it yourself for reasonable prices

    As far as cities, I know these are not south florida cities, but both are amazing venues to have weddings.

    Seaside Florida was voted one of the best (gulf coast). The city is absolutely beautiful

    Destin- is relatively close by to Seaside and is also another amazing city to have your wedding.

    Siesta Key (Sarasota) is probably one of most beautiful beaches I have ever step foot on. The sand is seriously white, wearing sunglasses is a must. Keep in mind though Siesta Key is a rich area so I am sure the cost will likely reflect that

    You might be able to turn this into a combination if you choose a location near a cruise port. Depending the time of year you can get an amazing deal on a cruise if you can time it right. Last January my fiance and I were able to book a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas for $300.00

    I would look at pinterest and see what tropical ideas have been put on there and then build from there on your own
  • Congrats and welcome!
  • Congrats! I would ask these questions on your local board to start. Those ladies will probably have more to offer since they are near to you.
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  • Yey! Congrats!!

    Like the previous posters said, check out your local board for more region specific help. Regarding whether a package venue is cheaper than separate depends on a lot of factors. Around here, there really aren't venues that include photographers and such. Many have recommended lists of vendors. I found that in my area, it was less expensive (and less of a headache) to go with a venue that did the catering, waitstaff, tables, linens and such in-house. I assumed it was cheaper doing it all separate, but it wasn't. Plus, coordinating so many venues is a headache!

    You also have to weigh your options regarding DIY. Depending upon the cost of materials & the time it will take you to learn how to do it & then actually do it, it may be cheaper to purchase the item. It depends. I'm about a 50/50 DIY bride. 

    Many of the board on here offer helpful tips and many of the ladies have great bio websites to check out. Don't be deterred if some of the ladies are a little blunt & brutally honest. It's the internet and anyone can say anything! 

    Good luck! 

    P.S. Oh, and always check out the top threads on each board (called stickies). They usually have answers to common questions and have a list of common acronyms. 
  • Congratulations!
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  • Welcome and Congrats! I'd definitely check out your local board and the honeymoon board for ideas
  • I'm from RI but live in South Fl. It will def be more expensive down here to get married esp if you're having a big wedding. It would be great for a honeymoon though. We were married in RI because of family and also budget. 
      Whatever you decide, enjoy planning and hope you have a beautiful wedding. Congrats
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