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need honest (but respectful) opinions pease!!


Re: need honest (but respectful) opinions pease!!

  • JobrenJobren member
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    I work at a jewelry store that is family owned and around the midwest, and by being not so "huge" we connect with our guests very well. We also have a jeweler on site, so we have a lot of guests that come in and want soldering done. Soldering is VERY common, especially when the band or engagement ring twists, etc. And whatever you want your wedding ring to look like, hey, it's yours and your going to be wearing it for the rest of your life. If you like it and like to look at it that way then definetly do it! I personally like the interverted style more, because it gives more attention center diamond! If you were going with the interverted style, soldering is a must, only because it would help keep them at center. But again, that is your choice! Hope I helped :) if you have any questions, you can ask away! good luck!
  • boomboom1243boomboom1243 member
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    edited July 2012
    I actually LOVE the way it looks when they sit opposite! Ive seen a lot of rings on pinterest that have bands that arnt straight on straight and its different and lovely! I say go for it the second way you will be happy because it's different and it still shows the side. inverted is the way to go

    also very excited to know that you can have them sautered together! my ering alternates diamond and pink saphhires  and has the matching band and its going to annoy me so much to keep fixing them to line up! yay
  • cwaggoner07cwaggoner07 member
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    Like Lucy, I also thought I would NOT like it inverted, but it's so cute like that!
    And I never once thought your ring was 'small.'
    2 years before FI and I got engaged, he left his high-paying corporate tax job to chase his dream, move to LA, and go to film school. He pretty much wiped out his savings, so my e-ring was pretty tiny. But I didn't care at ALL because at that point he was gaining ground in his career and was the happiest I'd ever seen him. Everyone has different situations and different priorities, and I truly think every ring is beautiful because it is meaningful!
  • Do not rush into a solder. I had my three soldered and they were totally wrecked when I had them separated. Rethink a different, higher head setting. I had my diamond and band reset with a different head and it wasn't that expensive.

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