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Just got engaged this weekend

I knew it was coming but just didn't know when. We had my Fiancé's (love that word) brother & girlfriend in town for a visit & at 2:15 am when I was just about to go to bed, my Fiancé said he had something for me me, came over, got down on one knee & asked me to marry him. I was in total shock & started hitting him on his shoulder & said yes, which he clarified by asking if I actually said yes later while we were in bed. It was perfect as I don't like surprises & he has a tendency to do things that knock my socks off. I later learned that he wanted to do it during a friends Christmas party but knew that I would be so embarrassed by the attention that he did it the way he did.
I'm so getting used to calling him my Fiancé - it will take practice.
I'm also totally scared of the planning even though we have discussed exactly what we want - just the planning scares me.

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