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Post pictures of your moissanite, and tell me the pro's and con's you 've had with it!

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  • I have moissanite, and I love it. The only time I see the yellow green tint is on certain hazy days (not even on cloudy days, and I live in Seattle). But I'd say about 95% of the time, I don't even notice it. The sparkle on it is just amazing. Here's a link to the Picasa album I made for people who were curious when I got the stone. I tried to take as many pictures in different lighting as I could. I think there's a few videos in there too.
  • Awesome! Thank you, do you have any picture of it in a setting?

  • Yep! As a side note, the little stones are moissanite too, except for the pink ones which are sapphire and the baguettes which are diamond.

    Pic 1
    Pic 2
    Pic 3
    Pic 4 (You can kinda see the yellow in this one)
    Pic 5
    Pic 6
    Pic 7

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    Thats such a beautiful ring Panda! What size stone is it?
    Also did you purchase it online, if so where?

    And I play[ed] wow too :]
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    I got the stone from MoissaniteCo and the setting was custom designed by Joseph Schubach. It's a 7.5, and I think it's a bit big on my size 5 finger. It's not a big deal, but if I could go back, I probably would've gotten a 6.5 or 7.0 instead. Both companies were incredible to deal with, and Joe did an awesome job on my ring.

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    Panda, I just have to say...
    The head on your setting is absolutely awesomely beautiful! 

    Well, your whole ring is amazing, too, but...

    We went with moissanite too, and custom designed the entire ring as well.  Now I am EXTRA impatient for him to propose!  Even though I picked out all the details, I have not seen the ring in its entirety after being finished, and I wanna see it!!  Yell

    I feel like I have to explain myself... BF and I have been discussing marriage for well over a year, and have decided on April of next year.  We have decided to commence planning, since venues/vendors in the Dallas area can book up waaaaay in advance, hence the ticker.  He just hasnt "officially" proposed with the ring yet.  (Phew, I feel better now!)
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    Get on Etsy.com and search for moissanite rings -- I saw some really beautiful ones on there.

    Nerd trivia: moissanite was discovered by Henri Moissan in Canyon Diablo, a meteorite crater in Arizona. It's sometimes referred to as the diamond from space (although most of what's in jewelry is lab-grown). :)
  • Panda, I love your ring! Very sparkly, congrats!

    Taco cat: Always a palindrome. ALWAYS, okay J&K?

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    [QUOTE]What is the pros of moissanite? Are they stronger than diamonds? I know they look like diamonds. Are the less expensive? easier to take care of?  just curious as i've never heard of using it before.
    Posted by sariesue[/QUOTE]

    The biggest pro for most people is that they cost about 10% of what an equivalent diamond would. The other thing is that they're all lab grown, so there are no environmental repercussions. They are not harder than diamonds- they're just a tad harder than sapphires.

    I personally chose it because I was a bit peeved when I found out about how much DeBeers played a role in the whole diamond engagement ring thing. It was incredibly clever and successful marketing. I mean, diamonds are pretty but it's not like they're rare or anything like that. It's just another pretty rock.
  • I too got my ring from moissantieco.com. They were so helpful with all my questions and always responded to me extremely fast. My ring has a 1.5 cushion cut stone in the center. My stone is an "enhanced" stone which means it goes through some extra processes to help ensure that it is as white as possible and so it does not have a yellow or green color that can occur on hazy days. My ring is really white and sparkles a lot. I have not had any problems with the color of my ring. For me going with moissanite was an easy choice (not so much for my FI but he came around) for a few reasons. For one I just could not stomach the idea of something being worth as much as a car on my hand. Two I think diamonds are WAY over priced and I do not like the ethical and ecological harm that can come from diamonds. In the end to choice on what stone to go with is one that only you can make since you are the one who will be wearing it!

  • Skylar1108 - is that the Tiffany-inspired Legacy ring from Moissanite Co? That's the same ring I'm looking at? Are you happy with it? 'Cause it looks gorgeous!!! Also, when you say your ring was "enhanced", do you have to ask them to do that or will they automatically do it if you order online? Thanks!!!
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    Hi emjohn1019, yes it is the Tiffany-inspired Legacy ring from Moissanite Co. I LOVE the ring so much, I could not be happier with it!!!!! The ring looks soooooooooo much prettier in person, it is the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen. We looked in some jewelry stores before I decided on this one and the ones in the store do not even come close to how beautiful this ring looks in person. As for the enchanced part I had to talk to them about that. The enhanced stones do cost more but they are not that much more expensive. They charge $100 for every ct. the stone is . Since my stone is 1.5 it cost an extra $150 but I think it was worth it. Also they only enhance larger stones so the smaller stone on my ring were not enhanced but since they are so small it would not make a difference. On their website you are able to have a live chat with someone and  they gave me all the info I needed on the enhanced stones. Also I told the person I was chatting with what ring and stone size I wanted and they made sure they had it in stock and gave me a link to take me directly to the page for this ring that included the enhanced stone which I then sent over to my FI, then BF. We also upgraded the metal on my ring as well. We decided to go with the palladium instead of the white gold because I wanted a naturally white metal. My sister's ring it white gold and she had to have it replatted less then a year after she got it. I did not want to deal with having to do that and I also figured that I would spend more on getting the ring replatted over my life time then I would to upgrade to the palladium. What is also great about this website is that they also have a band that fits flush with the ring. FI and I decided to buy the ring and the band seperately and I know it does not look like you are able to do that but you can you just have to get the link for it from the live chat rep (they like hiding some things! LOL). We are buying the band that matches my ring and I can not wait to get it, The reason we are buying the band at a later point is because they have a rewards program so we are using the rewards from my ring and from his ring which we are also getting from them to get money off on my band. Also just a little tip if you request a free ring sizer from them not only will you be able to double check your ring size with them but they also send you a coupon for 5% off, we saved $80 on my ring! Hope this helps, please let me know if you have anymore questions :)
  • Skyler1108 - thanks for the detailed response! My BF and I have been going back and forth on your ring and the Tiffany Novo inspired set. I just can't make up my mind! :-) But, I've called them and gotten all the info on the enhanced rings, so now I have the links to give to the BF.

    Congrats again and enjoy wearing your ring! It's so beautiful! (I should have one myself...any day now!)
  • Emjohn1019- You are more then welcome. The Tiffany Novo is a beautiful ring too, which ever one you choose you can't go wrong. Please come back any show us your ring after you get it!

    P.S. about the 5% discount, a friend of mine told me that they asked the live chat person about it and they gave them a code they could use to get the discount. Just something to think about!
  • emjohn1019- Thank you! I'm glad to help. i had to find all the info out myself so I am happy to help someone else save some time and money by passing along what I know. I can't blame you for not wanting to wait, i wouldnt either! I can't wait to see the ring!!!! :)

  • Thanks for all your positive reviews ladies! I didn't want a traditional engagement ring, just a diamond band for my wedding ring. I have some some homework and research and fell in love with an eternity band on Moissaniteco.com. I was nervous about my FI ordering it online from a company we have never heard of before but after hearing your positive feedback...I think I have found my ring!
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