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new gal ((:

Hello everybody :)) im alexandra, I just got engaged the 10th and i could be happier!!!!

The wedding is planned for December 11th, and i have no idea where to start! Im still too shocked to think straight =)! Im soo looking forward to meeting lovely people on this site! yayy :) 
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Re: new gal ((:

  • Hi! Im Calie! [= Congrats on your engagement! I have been engaged a little over a year now and I will be getting married June 19th... finally!! Welcome to the site! If you have any questions... the girls on here are pretty helpful! But do beware... some can be very blunt! haha Congrats again!
  • Haha yea!  Just make sure you read some of the posts to make sure you are not repeating questions or anything....it seems to piss people off :-)
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  • Check out your local boards, I didn't know they existed for a month or two after I joined. Some knotties have very specific ideas about what is tacky and rude so if anyone gives you slack dont take it personally.

    As far as where to start, you already set your date so set your budget, pick your venue and start getting your vendors. The checklist here on the knot is awesome.
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