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Just Engaged and Proposals


So we're not engaged yet but i'm starting to plan and I was wondering how you guys are organizing things. I just want to start planning things on my computer since we're not engaged and I don't want to do the binder yet. 

Re: organizing

  • I used the binder that Target sells.. It's incredibly precise and was a fantastic tool for organization. 
    I used an exel spreadsheet for finances which was great to keep track of every, single, little receipt. 

    I didn't have a Pinterest at the time, but man that thing would have come in handy. 
  • Right now all I'm doing is excel spreadsheets, word documents, and pinterest inspiration boards. If you're looking for a budgeting tool I like the one at Wedding Wire much better than The Knot's, as it's easier to reallocate funds to different categories and is overall much more useful, in my opinion.

    However, I think it's important that you don't actually start planning anything until you're engaged, as far as both you and your bf are concerned. You'll probably change your mind about stuff, he'll have opinions and expectations too, and it's a very different thing to be planning things concretely (ie booking) and planning abstractly for 'one day'.
  • Make sure you check stores like JC penny and Kohls out because they sometimes have free wedding planners if you register for your wedding.

    OK so write down your ideas you have and wait till your engaged because you might change your mind. I have had it happen many times and I change my mind what i want. My boyfriend and i have talk about marraige etc. Wait.
  • I have a different tab for each subject.

    a guest list tab
    food tab
     Like this

    Guest Name             kids     adults  total   RSVP
    Mr and Mrs. Doe 2              2       4           no
    and family.
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